Things People Notice About Your Distinct Personality

Your personality is your business card. The impression you leave others with after an experience with you becomes your trademark. We transfer energy when we engage ourselves in communication. When interacting with someone there is flow of energy; you both share and receive information. People pay more attention to things that ignites their interest. They go for distinctive personalities; the awe-inspiring ones. There are various things people notice about your distinct personality that you are unaware of.

Take a look at five (5) things people notice about your distinct personality;

1. Charisma.

Your ability to inspire enthusiasm, interest or affection in others influences their perception of you. They begin to form a formidable personality of you in their mind and heart. They become enlightened by how much you know. Your charisma attracts people to you. The tender affection you display towards people gives them a reason to trust and confide in you. They see you as a source of inspiration. They respect you.

2. Humility.

Humility is the key to gaining trust. It is easy to trust and confide in someone who is modest and respectful; someone who appears loyal. Most people resist the proud and find favor in the humble. Your humbleness causes the right friends to come your way. They are attracted to your composure. They wonder why you are always so peaceful. This act attracts unlimited favors. It causes the right things to happen at the right time.

3) Benevolence.

It is easier to put up with someone loving and kind than someone who appears belligerent. No one wants to entertain toxic friends. They would rather go for the receptive ones; those that are welcoming and entertaining. Your benevolent act, when dealing with others is your trademark. It deposits admirable qualities in them. It amazes them on how much you are willing to share. This act impresses them with all the right reasons to trust you. It creates a channel for loyalty.

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4. Self-control.

Self-control is the iron quality of character. It is the foundation stone of integrity and courage. Most people are attracted to others that seem to have things under control. No one wants to entertain reckless behaviors. They tend to easily put up with people that know how to compose themselves in any situation. The way others perceive your level of self-control determines how you will be approached and treated. You will be treated with high moral standard.

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5. Integrity.

This is the highest virtue in life and relationship. Integrity includes: absolute truth, wholeness, perfection, without blemish. How you carry yourself matters a lot. Your willingness to be completely honest with yourself and others is the real measure of character. If integrity is the core quality of character, then truthfulness is the most obvious expression of integrity. The root of self-esteem and self-confidence lie deep within your own character. The more you practice impeccable integrity in your relationship with yourself and with others, the more you will like and respect others, and the more they will like and respect you.

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Pretty Cynthia
7 years ago

Aww I love this ❤