Ways To Loosen Yourself And Be Emotionally Stable

We all have emotions. It’s OK to feel big emotions sometimes. It’s OK to get angry when someone pisses you off. Sometimes, it’s good to let people know that you are not a pushover. It’s appropriate to express yourself for the right reasons without causing any much damage. When you keep that much anger boiling inside you, it eats you up, doing more harm than good. There are times when in expressing your anger, things get extreme and out of control, and you regret handling things the way you did. And prefer letting out all those unwanted emotions and loosen yourself from the anger and guilt and from all the things you cannot control.

Take a look at five (5) ways to loosen yourself and be emotionally stable;

1. Be more concerned in your reaction than who/what triggered it.

It’s necessary to know that life is only 10% of what happens to you, the remaining 90% is based on your reaction to events about you. This should prompt you to pay more attention to your reaction than whom or what triggered you to act in a certain manner. Pay less attention to what instigated the action. When you learn to act in a different manner regardless of the kind of information that gets to you, it helps loosen you up and be more emotionally stable.

2. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Most times, people drown themselves in regrets when they overreact to situations that could have been carefully handled. It’s OK to feel guilty after a bad reaction. It shows you still have a heart. You don’t have to be ashamed of your feelings. These feelings show that you are still human and liable to make mistakes. Learn to take it easy with yourself. When you learn to tolerate yourself, it gives you a sense of control over your emotions. It helps you let go of things you cannot change or control.

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3. Don’t over-analyse situations.

In order to keep your sanity in tact, letting go of situations you cannot change or control is the best choice to make. Anything you cannot change or control is teaching you how to let go. Don’t spend too much time trying to figure out what you could have done better that could have prevented the unwanted outcome. Do not burn yourself out trying to figure out why things happened the way they did. Free your mind. Direct your thoughts towards positive possibilities. Loosen yourself and be emotionally stable.

4. Be in the body.

This method is very crucial for the oneness of the mind, body and soul. This enables you connect with the moment; here and now. When you get caught up in situations that triggers you to act absurdly, take a second to catch a deep breath. Breathe in and out, and then face the situation with complete consciousness of yourself. This act gives you a sense of responsibility over yourself. It helps lessen the pressure of the way you perceive the situation. It helps loosen you and be emotionally stable. Be in the body.

5. Give love.

Love is the most powerful force in the world. It has healing capabilities. It is the light you need to shed of those dark places in your heart. Respond with love when faced with distasteful situations. The transition may seem annoying at first, especially when you are the belligerent type. But, keep trying to improve. When you constantly practice the act of giving love, it gradually cleanses your heart, mind and soul. And frees you from those bad habits you thought you couldn’t control. Give love.

Thanks for reading.


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