Are You Ready For What’s Coming?

Admit it, a time will come you will have to face what you fear. No matter where you go, you can never run away from it. You can try to avoid it temporarily, but it won’t go. It’s still there; waiting to crush every dream you try to materialize, the self-confidence you try to build, the good in you and more. Greatness will always seem to elude you any time to try doing something great. Fear will crush every great ideal or plan down before it materializes. It will give you all the reasons it won’t work and neglect the one reason it will. Then you get scared of failing, then self-doubt sets in, making you doubt the one reason your plan will work. Fear sabotages greatness!!

Let’s get ready to rumble.

No one gets successful by accident. They had to give up something, something deep, and something hard to let go; they hard to give up their fears. The best way to give up what you fear is by facing it. When it seems too hard, trying to let go of something, just know that is what your fear and also your greatest challenge. One thing you should have at the back of your mind is; fear is only a thought you created for yourself. It’s only real because you made it seem real. Thoughts are pictures of the mind that have constructive and destructive possibilities and have powers with emotion; they affect emotions. Positive thoughts have constructive powers while negative thoughts have destructive powers. How you manage your thoughts determine how your life will go. Fear has destructive powers. It emits negative energies. Why give fear all that energy?

Have you ever passed a stage in a game without defeating the final opponent? When playing a stage in a game, you only know that you are going the right way when you meet enemies and obstacles. You have to defeat all opponents before you get promoted to the next level. Same thing applies to reality. Your fears are your opponents, and if you don’t defeat it, you will have to repeat the stage over and over again until you defeat it. So the choice is yours for the taking. What’s it going to be? Are you ready for what’s coming?

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7 years ago

Powerful words

7 years ago

�� the best

Simobel Blog
7 years ago

Hahaha exactly!!!

7 years ago

If we face our fears, we will end up realizing its not all so scary as we think abt it, every advancement in life will leave you to end up facing those fears,so true and motivating, so is the face of that dog.😂