How to Rekindle the Fire in You

The power is in you. The answer you seek is in you. You are the answer to all your searches. Don’t search outside for something that already exists within you. You don’t need outside validation to rekindle the fire in you.

You may have gone through difficult challenges in the past that have compelled you to believe that you will never be at your best again or never be able to attain your dreams and goals. It will comfort you to know that the fire is still in you. You are able achieve everything you want in life, but first you must be ready to rekindle the fire in you. You are the goal you need to work on, so start working on yourself.

Here are five (5) ways to rekindle the fire in you;

1. Be conscious of your thoughts.

You eventually become what you think. Positive thinking leads to a happy and positive life. On the other hand, negative thinking leads to unhappiness, bad breaks, disappointments and failures.

The soul is dyed with the color of its thoughts. Whatever thoughts that dominate your mind, will certainly affect your life. You have a choice to either dwell on negative thoughts that will negatively impact your life or steer your life in the positive direction by always thinking positive.

Be conscious of your thoughts. Don’t expect to live a happy and successful life when negative thoughts are all you think about. To rekindle the fire in you, you must first learn to be conscious of your thoughts. Whenever you catch yourself dwelling on negative thoughts, quickly think of something you are grateful for that fills you with so much happiness and peace of mind.

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2. Your mindset is everything.

Someone with a negative mindset can never act in a positive way. Their mind is already programmed to act in a negative manner even when they want to be happy and successful in their endeavors.

Your mindset is everything. If you have the mindset of a champion, you will never go into any competition thinking that you are going to lose. You know you are the best, so you think like the best, talk like the best and act like the best. If you believe you are the best, you must keep striving to become the best version of yourself. Don’t listen to naysayers and people trying to diminish your fire.

Go after your dreams and goals unapologetically. You don’t need the validation of others to rekindle the fire in you. Rekindling your fire is an inside job that only you can do. No one knows your better than you know yourself, and no one can rekindle the fire in your but you alone.

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3. Spend time with positive people.

The kind of company you keep greatly affects your mindset and the way you view life. You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. If you always spend time with people who always talk about how terrible their life is, sooner or later you will start talking about how terrible your life is and how you are never able to make any progress in life. If the majority of your friends are ambitious and goal-getters, you will be compelled to set goals and consistently accomplish them. You won’t dwell on negative thoughts or feel incapable of achieving your goals because you are so busy going after them.

Spend time with positive people who empower you to become the best and want to see you grow to be all that you can be. You are capable of becoming much more than you can ever imagine, but if you keep spending time with negative people, they will quench the fire in you.

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4. Don’t listen to what people say.

Don’t listen to what people say about you negatively. If they don’t encourage you to positively improve on yourself, let them go. You need to protect your energy by refusing to listen and respond to the negative energy people throw at you. Listen to people who encourage you to do what you know in your heart is right.

Always listen to your heart. Your heart knows what is right for you. As you listen to your heart and feed it with positive energy, your fire will be rekindled and you will start vibrating on higher frequencies.

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5. Build strong character.

Difficulties teach us a lot about ourselves and others. The difficulties you go through builds strong character. Don’t give up when your life starts getting difficult, for it is in difficulty that you become strengthened. You are much stronger than you believe you are.

Difficult times are like physical exercise. You may not like it while you are doing it, but tomorrow you will become much stronger because of it.

Rekindle the fire in you by training yourself to endure difficulty even when you feel you don’t have the strength to keep going. Your character will be strengthened as you refuse to let problems and difficulties bring you down.

You are unstoppable. Nothing can extinguish the fire in you unless you let it. The power is in you to cause effective changes in whatever area of your life that needs changing. Don’t limit yourself by believing you are not created for great things. You are born to manifest greatness. Rekindle your fire!!

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1 year ago

Beautiful 😍 the fire in me is rekindled 🔥