The Three (3) D's

I had an encounter with some friends a couple of days back. During our conversation, I noticed they all fantasized about how successful they would want to be in life. They all talked about the out results; life of bed of roses. But, neglecting the very thing I would have loved to hear; the input; the process.  In my observation, I noticed none of them wanted anything to do with failure or bad luck, which is normal. No one wants to entertain bad luck. We live in a world that is rapidly changing and one could get lost without these 3 qualities listed below;


This is a process of committing one’s self to a particular task. Giving your time and effort to a purpose. Being dedicated to something gives you a purpose to pursue it. Without being dedicated to something you are only drifting around it. Whatever you give your time and energy to, is where your heart is.

Take for example; Steven, a young merchant. Ran into an old friend he once had a crush on. He always yearned for her attention, but got none. After few years, they ran into each other at a mall and both had a pleasing encounter. Now, he knows to be able to get the girl, he would need to devote his time and effort to winning her full attention.

Same thing applies to anything you desire. When you invest your time and energy towards something meaningful, it always yields results.


This is will power to pursue something. The firmness of purpose. If you want something, you have to be willing to go for it or it disappears. When you are determined to pursue something, you possess the strength to keep going despite opposing forces. Your mind is fixed on going through the process to get the desired outcome.

Take for example; Shawn, a young successful entrepreneur, decided to start up his own business after being declined by over 20 companies. On encounter with each company, he was told that he didn’t possess the qualifications for any position in their company. That didn’t deter his willingness to succeed. He only believed in himself that he will make it, even when others didn’t. His determination to succeed begot his success.

Keep going. You just might find what you seek.


This is the iron quality of character; self-control.  It is the foundation stone of integrity and courage. The bridge between goals and accomplishments. Your level of self-discipline has a major impact on what you will accomplish in every area of your endeavor. It is the price you pay to get the desired outcome. Without discipline, life will toss you around to wherever it pleases.

Take for example; Mr. Terry, a young adult in his mid-30’s, still unable to control his emotions. Always finds it hard to make clear cut decisions, because he might be in an unfavorable mood at that moment. So, like always he makes emotional based decisions, which always end up bad for him. This trait he possesses shows clearly that he lack discipline, so therefore incapable of handling responsibilities.

When you are well disciplined you possess staying power; the ability to make a decision and keep it. Discipline defines you.

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