Effective Ways to Fully Express Yourself

Self-expression is one of the best forms of art. This is the ability to fully express oneself when given the opportunity. Often times, people do not find it easy to present their views in a rational manner. They may have good ideas, but lack effective ways to express themselves. These could be due to several physical or psychological factors. To live above these circumstances is an asset worth harnessing.

Take a look below at these eight (8) effective ways to fully express yourself;

1. Be yourself every time.

Often times, people find themselves unable to fully express their views in a rational manner. They wait for the perfect time and opportunity; when they feel really good or perfect or contented with their existence before they can fully express themselves to be clearly understood. This kind of perspective saps the living force out of their very being. It gives them the impression that they are not good enough until they are in the best version of themselves. This deprives them of the very thing they seek. You don’t have to wait until you feel great before you feel contented with yourself. Learn to be yourself in every moment. Imperfection is part of the journey towards perfection. Let people be inspired by the way you handle your imperfections. Be yourself every time.

2. Renounce the fear of feeling.

Most times, the things that holds people back from fully expressing themselves are self-fabricated by them; the fear of feeling. Their inability to express themselves is limited due to their worry of things going sideways. Fight that fear of feeling.

Take for example; Miss Kate, a high school student, who is having a hard time adapting to life after a hurtful experience with her previous boyfriend. She encountered numerous heart breaking challenges in the past that the fear of falling in love again hunts her. She fears getting into a new relationship to prevent the same thing from happening again. Now she shields herself from guys making love passes at her.

Most times, after a hurtful experience, we tend to shield ourselves from experiencing such feelings again. But, we find out that we can’t truly run away from re-experiencing such feelings and emotions. One way or the other we end up re-experiencing feelings that we have once protected ourselves from.

The true intention of our journey is not to lock down happiness as a persistent state but to feel what is unfolding within us right now. Life will give you whatever experience it feels helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. To be able to fully express yourself, you have to let go of the fear of feeling. Let go of what you think should be or shouldn’t be and go with the flow. Express yourself despite your feelings and emotions.

3. Do not be so hard on yourself.

You can’t fully express yourself when living in regrets. Most times we tend to take the blame on ourselves when things don’t go as planned. We inflict ourselves with unnecessary burden. This does more harm than good. Success is a journey not a destination; seeing from this perspective enables us learn to tolerate ourselves. It enables us inspire ourselves in different ways where we can actually discipline ourselves to the point we become good enough. The feeling of insufficiency can only be filled when we learn to be patience with ourselves and understand some things takes time. Learn to encourage yourself, it helps you learn. We express ourselves best during our learning process.

4. Be more concerned in your reaction than who/what triggered it.

Life is only 10% of what happens to you, the remaining 90% is based on your reaction to events about you. Most times, people react in an absurd manner when faced with distasteful situations. They easily let themselves be filled with anger and react accordingly. You can’t fully express yourself when you are easily offended by situations that displease you. The problem is not who or what offended you, because it may be unintentional. The real challenge is your reaction to events about you. Be more concerned in your reaction than whom or what triggered it. You express yourself best when challenges come to you and you choose to act in a positive manner.

5. Make friends with the unknown.

This is the one people fear the most; the scary unknown. Often times, people fear what the future has in store for them because of their past experience. They might have had a rough past which they couldn’t change and that makes them fear what the future holds. This kind of attitude not only keeps them living in the past, but also puts them on hold of every good thing coming their way; depriving them of the gift of the present. Nothing is to be feared, only to be understood. Quit dragging the past along and stop jutting what the future should or could look like. In order to be able to clearly express yourself, you should let go of the past and what you think the future should or shouldn’t be; let the future be unknown. This in turn makes way for a clearer present; here and now. This puts an end to the conflict between the past and the unknown future. Make friends with the unknown!

6. Don’t over-analyse situations.

Most times, when things don’t go as planned, we find out that people spend so much time over-analyzing situations. They spend so much time in their head trying to figure out what they should have done better. This act steals their peace. In order to be able to clearly express yourself in the moment, don’t stress the mind with unnecessary situations by over-analyzing. Do not burn yourself out trying to figure out why things happen the way they do. Free your mind to focus on positive outcomes. Don’t over-analyse situations.

7. Be in the body.

This method is very crucial for the oneness of the mind, body and soul. This enables you connect with the moment; here and now. Often times, we get caught up in situations that take the mind out of the body; we forget the present reality. To live in the moment is to be fully conscious of ourselves; be in the body. You can’t fully express yourself when you are caught up with misplaced emotions that take your mind far away from your body. Connect with your inner self. Learn to silence the mind. This brings you back to reality.

8. Love effortlessly.

Love is the essence of our very being, for we are all founded on love. In our earlier example, we saw how Kate shielded herself from falling in love again. She has surrounded herself with the idea that love hurts. This idea she has not only deprives her of the opportunity to experience the freedom of unconditional love for others but also herself. When we renounce the fear of feeling and allow energy flow in and out of the heart, we will realize that it’s not love that hurts but rather the barriers we created around it. Kate can’t fully express herself now because she has deprived herself of the very reason of self-expression; love. True self-expression comes from the heart and that is where love dwells. In order to fully express yourself, you must break all barriers you created surrounding love. Love unconditionally. Love effortlessly!

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