Vital Qualities Men Look for in Women

When you are always there for someone when they need you the most, they will always have every reason to trust you. Your ability to fill someone’s emotional void builds their confidence in you. They will see you as a trustworthy person they can always confide in. It makes them trust that you will always be there for them in times of need. This makes them open up completely to you. Trust is very essential to ensure a healthy relationship or marriage. It is one of the vital qualities men look for in women.

Take a look at five (5) vital qualities men look for in women;

1) Love: Love is the essence of our existence. It is the reason we exist; to love and be loved. It is toxic to be in a relationship with someone you don’t love or who doesn’t love you. A relationship that’s not founded on true love is vulnerable to fears and insecurities. At some point in the relationship, it may seem like the other partner is keeping secrets from you. This could make you feel insecure knowing that the person you love and cherish so much doesn’t feel the same way about you. When you truly love someone, you would want to share your whole life with the person without missing a single detail.

2) Loyalty: Loyalty is rare. If you find a loyal partner, do all you can to keep them by your side. It is sad to know that some people aren’t loyal to you. They are only loyal to their need of you. Once their need changes, so does their loyalty. Someone who is truly loyal to you, will go to any length to serve you. They feel it’s their duty to stay committed to you. They don’t seek any selfish interest by being loyal to you. Be in a relationship with someone who isn’t loyal to their need of you. Be with someone that will never let you go, no matter how hard the situation gets.

3) Respect: Respect is earned. You don’t demand to be respected. You have to give respect to get respect. When you show respect to someone, they will have every reason to respect you back. Respect is vital in every relationship. It helps create the balance for good communicate between you and your partner. Someone who respects you holds you on very high esteem. They trust that you always take responsibility for your actions. This makes them willing to do whatever you ask of them. When you show respect to your partner, they are compelled not to disrespect you. Respects promotes peace and unity in the relationship. Be respectful to your partner.

4) Honesty: Honesty is the best policy. The most valuable gift you can ever receive is an honest partner. They are always sincere in their conversations because they have nothing to hide. They know that in order to get you to trust them, they need to be sincere and honest in their manner of approach. An honest partner never hides anything from the other. They cherish the sincerity of their relationship and wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize it. It is very toxic to be in a relationship with a dishonest partner, because you will never fully trust if they are telling you the truth or lying to you. Be honest with you partner.

5) Compromise: Acceptance over personal need. This is when you come to an agreement with your partner not because any or you are right or wrong but because you would rather still have them in your life than lose them to fights and arguments. When you are willing to compromise with your partner after a fight or argument, it shows how important they are to you. Always remember that no one is entirely perfect. Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes fall short of doing the right things. This is what makes us human. So be understanding and always be willing to compromise. Be with someone who will always forgive your mistakes and shortcomings.

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