Ways To Keep Your Partner Grounded

Contentment is what you should aim for with your partner after all the fireworks, butterflies and unbelievable feelings have worn off. No one can maintain such high intensity in a relationship without having to come back to reality. In reality, you should be totally satisfied with your partner and all their seeming imperfections. No relationship is perfect. Your willingness to compromise with your partner after a hurtful experience shows how much you truly value your relationship. This character trait impresses your partner with all the right reasons to stick with you. It keeps them grounded. They realize you are for real and don’t plan on going anywhere.

Here are five (5) ways to keep your partner grounded;

1. Support.

Your partner is your better half. They help balance you out. They are the reason you strive to be a better version of yourself. We tend to do just great with someone who is always supportive. Having someone who is totally supportive of your plans and goals gives you the confidence to keep reaching for more heights. It gives one a secure feeling that they will never have to go through difficult times alone. A supportive partner will always win your heart. They don’t switch up on you or change sides. They are in for the long ride. This keeps one grounded.

2. Trustworthiness.

Trust is a must. All bonds are built on trust. Be it friendship or relationship without trust the bond between you and your partner will seize to exist. Trust is what keeps your partner by your side through the peaks and troughs of your relationship. If you truly trust your partner, you wouldn’t mind the obstacles you both face as long as you face them together. Difficult times helps strengthens the relationship. Most relationships end when the bond built on trust had been severed. Without it you have nothing.

3. Respect.

Respect is a two way street. You have to give it in order to get it. If you want your partner to respect you, then you have to respect them first. Respect begets respect. After some time in a relationship, due to familiarity most couple tends to over step their boundaries. They invade each other personal space. In a relationship, you should take note of the things your partner likes and dislikes. Try to put yourself in their shoes as often as possible and do to them what you wish to be done to you. Only then will you understand that respect is reciprocal. The respect you have for your partner encourages them to do better in the relationship. It keeps them grounded.

4. Responsible.

It is difficult to live with an irresponsible person; someone incapable of handling responsibilities. The roles and responsibilities in a relationship are better handled when shared. There should be a division of labor in your relationship. Don’t leave all the things you are supposed to handle all for your partner. It automatically puts them off. It shows that you lack self-discipline. Someone without self-discipline can’t take responsibility for their actions. No one will want to come home to an irresponsible partner that does nothing but nag and complain. Only a responsible person can run a family.

5. Ability to forgive (Compromise).

Forgiveness is the final form of love. Your ability to forgive your partner after a hurtful experience shows how much you truly love them. It shows you are ready to put all at stake to ensure the love never dies. One of the truest tests of love is the willingness to compromise with your partner when all hope seems lost.

Most couples break off after a fight or argument. They don’t see any solid reason they should remain together anymore. This is a time when you should apply the power of forgiveness. Forgiveness offers a clean slate. When you forgive your partner despite their wrong doing, it gives them a fresh start; a chance to do better. Your ability to forgive is an effective way to make your partner love you everyday; this keeps them grounded in the relationship.

Thanks for reading.

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Pretty Cynthia
6 years ago

A supportive partner makes life flow easy. Nice article.

6 years ago

You should also make your loved one first priority..This wonderful tip would be really helpful for improving your relationship.

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