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Anything that costs you your peace is too expensive. You can’t afford to live in disharmony with yourself. It will feel like you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders if you respond negatively to everything that is happening to you. You will find peace when you finally let go of the things you can’t change. Let go of anything that doesn’t give you inner peace. The measure of success and happiness is peace of mind. When you are at peace with yourself, everything grows. You experience peace in your relationship with yourself and others. The well of peace is within you. Do not expect anything or anyone to give you inner peace. Nobody can bring you peace but yourself.

Take a look at three (3) ways to find inner peace;

1. Let go of the past.

You cannot change or erase what happened in the past. You can only accept it. Whenever you resist a situation, you are giving more power to it. You find peace when you let go of the things you can’t change. Don’t worry yourself over the things you did wrong or the chances you didn’t or couldn’t take in the past. Accept the past for what it has been and look forward to a much brighter future. Don’t taint your future by constantly living in the past. It will deprive you from experiencing the wonderful gifts of living in the moment. Let go of the past so that you can have inner peace.

2. Give yourself time to grow.

Grow through what you go through. You weren’t buried and forgotten. You are a seed planted that will germinate and eventually bring forth good fruits. Give yourself time to grow. Find peace in the moment knowing that whatever you may be facing will eventually resolve itself. Growth is a gradual process. The speed of your growth is only limited when you are not at peace with yourself. As a result, you start experience stagnation and delay. Let go of anything or anyone that will hinder your growth. Be patient with yourself as you grow. Encourage yourself that you are doing the best you can to be at peace with yourself. Find peace within yourself and be comfortable with who you are.

3. Spend time with people who bring out the best in you.

You are the average of the five people you spend your time with. Spend time with positive and energetic people. People who inspire and encourage you to improve on yourself every day. People that are truly happy with themselves can make others happy. When you are not happy and at peace with yourself, you cannot make others happy. Peace is our gift to one another. When you always spend time with happy and peaceful people, your life gradually shifts from a state of confusion to a state of peace and harmony. Peace begins with you. Make peace your priority. Don’t panic or be in a hurry with situations. Always do everything with a calm spirit. Peace be with you.

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