Reasons She Always Stays with You

If you always treat someone kindly, they will always feel comfortable around you. It is easier to stay with someone who gives you comfort than pain. No one likes pain or discomfort of any sort. Same thing applies to relationships. If you are always kind and compassionate to your partner, they will always feel safe and secure with you. They will trust you with their deepest thoughts because they know you are compassionate enough to understand their feelings and emotions. Without trust, it is difficult to truly love someone. There will always be a rift in the relationship making the both of you move in circles and pick up petty fights and arguments between yourselves.

Take a look at five (5) reasons she always stays with you;

1. You are sensitive.

If you are sensitive to your partner’s feelings and emotions, they will always want to spend more time with you. They believe you are the only one that truly understands them. It is toxic to stay with someone who is insensitive to your feelings and emotions. They will keep doing things to hurt you even after you have complained to them you don’t like such. They hardly feel your pain when you get hurt because they are insensitive to your feelings. Someone who knows what makes you happy or sad and can tell the reason behind your silence is a sensitive partner.

2. You are respectful.

No matter your status or position in your society, you don’t demand to be respected. Respect is earned. This also applies to relationships. If you respect your partner, they won’t have any reason to disrespect you. A respectful partner knows your true worth; which makes them value you even more. They know how important you are to them and will do anything to keep you in their life. The respect you show to your partner makes them always value you. They are prepared to come against anyone that tries to disrespect or discredit you in any way.

3. You are content.

If someone is truly content with you, they will never leave your side in any situation. They are ready to stay with you during the ups and downs in the relationship and won’t suddenly pack up and leave when things gets difficult; they don’t care what happens in the relationship as long as they are by your side. They are satisfied with all you have to offer. Most people are ready to stay with you when things are going great for you, but will disappear the moment things turns sour. If your partner still stays with your despite the rough challenges you both have been through, it means that there is nothing else they value more than you. They are content with you.

4. You forgive.

It is only a child that will hold grudges with their partner indefinitely without the willingness to resolve them. No one will choose to stay with someone whose heart is made of stone. Forgiveness is the best form of love. It takes a strong person to say sorry and an even stronger person to forgive. No offense is beyond forgiveness. Forgives gives you an opportunity to rebuild something better. If you always find it hard to forgive your partner when they offend you, they will always find a reason to avoid you. Be willing to forgive your partner when they offend you. Forgiveness fortifies the relationship. If you practice forgiveness with your partner, they will always stay with you.

5. You always appreciate them.

When you are aware of how much someone means to you, you appreciate them. You don’t stop doing the things you used to do at the start of the relationship; like buying nice gifts on your ways home from work, sending romantic text messages in between the day and other lovely things you used to do with your partner. Those are the very things that made them fall in love with you in the first place. Always appreciate your partner even when they feel you have done enough. Keeping letting them know how much they mean to you. It will make them always stay with you.

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