4 Reasons I fell in Love with My Girlfriend

At first it was love at first sight. It seemed so good to be true that I thought it was mere infatuation. I desired to be with her more than anything else in the world. Could this be my soul mate or just another passer-by friend? We meet everyone for a reason. Some people come in your life as blessings, others come in your life as lessons. The wrong ones will always teach you the right lessons. The right one will make you see reasons why it never worked out with anyone else. They will appreciate all the things the wrong ones took for granted.

Take a look at four (4) reasons I fell in love with my girlfriend;

1. She is caring and kind.

I met a lot of girls in the past who made me feel I was too difficult to love. They hardly ever complimented my efforts and was good at magnifying my weaknesses. The right person will come into your life and handle all your imperfections with love and understanding. They will care for you in ways you have never felt before. They will see what a mess you are, and clean you up. The right person will never make you beg for love and attention. They will make you appreciate what it feels like to be in love.

2. She is a great listener.

The biggest communication problem is that we don’t listen to understand. We only listen to reply. This could make you feel that all you do is nag continuously. Someone who truly loves you will pay attention to what you have to say without interrupting you. They will listen to what you have to say with the intention to understand and offer meaningful suggestions without judging or criticizing you. They are compassionate enough to share your feelings and emotions with you.

3. She is patient.

Patience is a virtue. It’s really not the ability to wait but how you act while you are waiting. It’s not everyone that will be patient with you while trying to get your life together. They could easily get irritated when you do something wrong or slow in catching up. It’s only someone that truly loves you and has your best interest in mind that can exercise patience when you fall short of doing the right things. The right person for you knows that the best things in life are worth waiting for; so they usually apply patience while waiting for the best in you.

4. She appreciates me.

It is much easier to be with someone who always appreciates you than someone who always find fault in everything you do. When you feel appreciated, it makes you want to do more. It makes you happy knowing your efforts are being noticed and appreciated. It is toxic to be in a relationship with someone who never appreciates anything you do. It’s either they complain you don’t do enough or you did what you weren’t supposed to do. The right person will balance out every aspect of your life. They will give you every reason to love and be grateful for having them in your life.

Thanks for reading.


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