Ways To Know How Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

Attraction is beautiful when it attracts others of your kind of personality; your tribe. When you take note of certain people in your life, especially the ones that are easy to get along with and share similar interest with, you notice that you have a lot in common with them. Such people are easy to vibe with because they share the same mutual interest with you. Most times, we pay less attention to the vibes (energy) we radiate and how it attracts others of our tribe.

Take a look at four (4) ways to know how your vibe attracts your tribe;

1. Communication.

We transfer energy when we engage ourselves in communication. When interacting with someone there is a flow of energy; you both share and receive information. This energy flow is best appreciated when you relate to someone who speaks your language. It’s like when you go to a foreign land with lots of unfamiliar faces and no one to communicate in a language you understand. But, when eventually you meet someone that speaks your language, it become a lot easier to vibe with the person.

2. Behavioral tendencies.

As humans, we tend to get along well with people that fall within our range of interest. When you encounter someone for the first time and they display certain behaviors that doesn’t please you, you tend to easily dismiss the person. This is also applicable to someone that shares the same interest and behavior with you. It is easier to put up with someone that likes what you like and behaves the way you do. Birds of a feather flock together.

Take for example; Miss Betty, a high school student, who had a hard time making friends in the past. She always thought that there were some personal or psychological factors affecting her inability to make and keep new friends. She always felt lonely until she met a boy who shared the same interests and behaviors as herself. They did practically everything together. They played together, had lunch together and went home together. Her behaviors attracted the kind of person that is meant to be in her life. Her vibe attracted her tribe.

3. Body language.

As humans, we easily get attracted by people that possess the kinds of traits and characteristics we like. Before we communicate with someone, we notice certain qualities in them that please us. Like their appearance, the way they smile, the way they make eye contact etc. These vibes they send is best received by someone who is also interested in them and loves the way they look, the way they smile and also the way they make eye to eye contact. This determines how their physical interaction will go; if it is going to be pleasant or not. On the other hand, take for example; you send vibes to someone who is not interested in you. You could get a rude response because obviously they are not the right person for your message; they are not of the same tribe.

4. Leave a good impression.

Sometimes, during a conversation with someone, it is difficult to tell if they are interested in you or not. They may seem happy and enlightened during the conversation, but after the conversation, they go home to face their personal affairs. If you don’t instill unforgettable vibes into their heart, it would be very easy for them to forget about you like you both never met. The best way to be sure that you have made a good impact is by leaving a good impression. When you leave a good impression, it gives them the impression that you can be counted on and in turn hope to see you again.

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