Effective Ways to Change Your Life

You will never truly change your life until you break free from the negative patterns that holds you captive. In order to rewire your life to move in the positive direction, it is essential you change your old unhealthy behavioral patterns and replace them with healthy ones. It is important you replace your vices with positive patterns, because they prevent you from becoming your very best. Take control of your life. You cannot achieve positive results if you keep operating with the same negative mindset.

Take a look at some effective ways to change your life;

1. Utilize The 21/90 Rule.

It will take you about 21 days to build a new habit and 90 days to build a lifestyle you desire. If you are stuck in your ways and really need a breakthrough, it is some comfort to know that all you need to break your old patterns is 21 days (3 weeks). Start building healthy habits from today. Take it one day at a time. It is vital you do so, in order to replace negative patterns with positive ones. You might think your behavioral patterns have no serious impact in your life, but in reality they do, they affect your decisions making and the choices you deal with.

2. Watch Your thoughts.

Usually when one makes the decision to change their life for the better, they face some sort of opposition preventing from going along with their plan. They suddenly become distracted with irrelevant issues. If you are used to a particular way of doing things and you one day decide to start behaving in a different manner, you will need to put in the necessary efforts to ensure a smooth transition, otherwise you will find yourself reneging to your old ways. It is advisable you learn to watch your thoughts and discard every negative thought that tries to distract you from achieving your purpose.

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3. Control Your Emotions.

Emotions can be pretty nasty when you have no control over it. It is important you learn to control your emotions. Whenever you are faced with daunting situations, do not panic. When you find it hard to control your environment, control your focus. Do not react in a way that will invite fear into your heart. Regardless of the nature of the situation and the effect it could have on you, try as much as possible to control your emotions. Do not take life too seriously that you neglect the little things of life. Let go of all the things you cannot control and concentrate on the things you can control.

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4. Learn to Ignore Irrelevant Things.

Anything that costs you your peace of mind is too expensive. Learn to ignore anything that troubles your heart. Stress is like a self-destructive drug. It does more harm than good. That is why it is important you let go of anything that stresses you out. Learn to ignore irrelevant things. Anything that serves no purpose in promoting your peace of mind should be discarded. It is not everything you should pay attention to. If you keep paying attention to irrelevant things, you will be distracted from the important things you should be paying more attention to. Focus on what really matters.

5. Focus on What Matters.

As you focus on what matters you become empowered to achieve your goals and dreams. Never lose focus of your aspirations. It is hard to focus on what matter when you keep paying attention to things that do not matter. Keep your energy focused in the right direction. Do not waste your energy doing things that have no positive impact in your life. The things that matters are not necessarily the big things. They could be one little change in your routine, remembering to hit the gym in order to stay fit, or practicing yoga to build harmony in both mind and body.

6. Do Not Expect Too Much.

Expectation is the beginning of disappointments and heartaches. When you learn not to expect too much from people and situations, you will not get disappointed when things do not go the way you plan. Learn to take life as it is and be grateful for whatever comes your way. Whenever you get disappointed, do not lose hope. Keep believing that everything works out for the best. Always keep your hope alive, but do not expect too much.

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2 years ago

Very good article and advice esp. No 6. I live by that. Keep up the good work Abel.