How to Apply the Law of Attraction in Your Life

Be careful of the thoughts you think because you attract the equivalent of those things into your life.

The law of attraction is based on the belief that positive or negative thoughts result to positive or negative outcomes. You will attract whatsoever you constantly hold within your mind whether it is positive or negative. With the knowledge of this truth, it is important for you to always dwell on positive thoughts if you wish to have more positive experiences in your life.

You can manifest anything you desire using the law of attraction. Learn to picture the things you desire and watch them manifest in reality. Follow these steps to apply the law of attraction in your life;

1. Your Thoughts Creates Your Desires.

Thoughts are pictures of the mind that have constructive and destructive possibilities. Thoughts can be constructive when channeled positively. On the other hand, negative thoughts lead to destructive outcomes. Your thoughts can be used to create the things you desire. The law of attraction works when you channel your thoughts to a definite path.

Thoughts when mixed with emotions are more powerful than you can ever imagine. Thoughts fueled with emotions become magnet for manifestation. The thoughts you think, the emotions you feel and the actions you take today all contributes in shaping your future experiences. It is very important that you dwell only on positive thoughts and act in a positive manner that is in alignment with what you eventually want to become, do and experience in life.

2. Use Positive Affirmations to Attract Your Desires.

Affirmation is a great way to rewire your mind to dwell on positive thoughts. You will not be able to attract the things you desire with a conflicting negative mindset. In order to effectively apply the law of attraction in your life, it is important that your dominant thoughts are always positive. You cannot achieve positive result with a negative mindset.

Positive affirmations are powerful ways of transforming your life and they are essential building blocks in creating the life you desire. Positive affirmations work by consciously swapping your negative beliefs, ideas and self-talks that you have been living by over the years with positive declarations that declare who you want to be and how you want to experience life.

Here are some positive affirmations that you should practice saying to yourself every day;

Positive Affirmations

3. Picture The Things You Desire.

By being able to picture something in exact detail can lead to manifestation. The law of attraction works faster when you are particular about the things you desire. Picture the things you desire and be precise about it.

If you desire to have something in your life, it is important you first picture it in detail in your mind. Let’s say, you want a brand new car, you first need to picture the car in your mind, picture the make, model and color of the car and then picture yourself driving the car through your streets. If you can vividly picture the car you want, feel the emotion of driving the car on the road, and be thrilled about owning it, it will not be long before that exact spec of car gets manifested in reality. The same procedure applies to all your heart desires; you first have to picture it in your mind before it can be attracted to you.

4. Be Grateful for Everything.

A grateful heart is like a strong magnet constantly attract good and nice things into your life. When you practice gratitude every day, your thoughts and feelings will be renewed with positive vibrating energy, which will bring about the manifestation of the things you desire. Always be grateful for everything you receive even though you did not get what you desire. Gratitude helps you manifest the things you desire quickly into your life.

Learn to express gratitude with a good heart and not with a stony heart. Practice gratitude with love and happiness in your heart. When you are truly grateful for everything you receive in life, not excluding the times you did not get what you desire, you will begin to attract all your heart desires.

Thanks for reading.

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Lily Joseph
Lily Joseph
2 years ago

This article is very wonderful as usual, hmmmm I love this Simobel. You are healing the world my dear.