3 Rules for A Long-lasting Relationship

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Every relationship has its ups and downs. The seemingly perfect relationship is basically about two partners who refuse to give up on each other despite all odds.

Someone who is prepared to face every challenge with you is definitely worth fighting for. They will ride with you through smooth and rough roads until the very end.

For a relationship to be long-lasting both partner must make committed efforts to stay together through thick and thin. Their love for each other must be greater than their seeming flaws and imperfections.

Here are three (3) rules for a long-lasting relationship with your partner;

1. Never make your partner feel unwanted.

As you grow old with your partner, physical attraction fades. If you fell in love with your partner because of their good looks, as time goes by and they grow old with wrinkles, you won’t be as attracted to them as you once did. This makes you not always want to have them around as you used to. But as you see past their physical appearance and behold their true beauty within, you will always love and appreciate them even as you both age gracefully.

Relationships are life flowers; with the right care and attention they will blossom. But if you fail to take good care of your partner, the relationship will be short-lived. Never make your partner feel unwanted, always love and care for them.

2. No matter how difficult things get, don’t cheat on your partner.

It is easy for one to cheat on their partner when things are difficult in the relationship; especially when there is a misunderstanding in the relationship and both partners no longer sleep together in the same room. This could make one seek comfort outside their relationship.

No matter the situation you face with your partner, never cheat on them. Do not make matters worse by cheating on them. If the relationship was merely hanging by a thread, cheating on them breaks it beyond repairs. Now they will have every reason not to continue the relationship with you.

3. Always have your partners back through thick and thin.

A great relationship endures through thick and thin. A partner who has your back through the good times and the bad times in the relationship is definitely a ride or die. Sadly, some people give up on their partner at the slightest sign of struggle or hardship in their relationship. They are only in for the good ride and don’t want to face any problems or challenges whatsoever.

When challenges present themselves in your relationship, learn to see them as a chance to grow with your partner. Hardship and challenges are refining times in a relationship. They present themselves not to break the relationship but to refine it. As you go through the struggle and hard times with your partner, they will love and appreciate you more for never giving up on them. This leads to a long-lasting relationship with your partner.

Thanks for reading.

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2 years ago

Excellent article as usual and on point always. No3 esp is so correct. Keep up the good work.