The Love A Father Has For His Little Girl

The love a father has for his little girl is priceless. Every father sees his mother and sister in his daughter. He learnt how to treat a girl right as a result of the treatment he got from his mother when growing up. The bond they share is unfathomable. Girls are delicate beings, and more often than not they try to stay that way. They always want their dad to be their hero at all times. A daughter could turn a cold-hearted dad into a pillow to lie on. They are angels sent from heaven.

A good dad is prepared at any time to stand and fight for his little girl. He builds fortresses to keep her safe. She reciprocates the love by taking care of him in return. Little girls love taking good care of their dads and giving them all the happiness they can give. Making him happy is their top priority. This always reminds him of the unconditional love he feels when being taken care of by his mother. This is a bond that can only be understood by a father and his little girl.

Children learn to process information bit by bit as they grow older. They learn to gather information base on what they see, hear, feel, perceive. At that tender age, they are curious about everything and want answers to the questions that bother them. As they grow older they form their character base on the information that suits them best from the home bringing they got. They also learn to keep secrets. You can’t trust someone you don’t trust with your secrets.

A good dad will do his very best to be emotionally available for his little girl. He understands that to get someone’s trust he needs to be willing to give trust. So by doing so he opens up completely to his daughter, telling her his secrets and making her keep them within her heart. It gives her the confidence to want to trust him with her secrets too. That’s how daughters gather guts to share their secrets with their dad. This also in turn gives her great confidence that he will understand. When a father makes himself always available for his daughter, she builds confidence in him.

A good father will train his daughter to have confidence in herself; confidence leads to empowerment. A good and caring father always understands that a time will come when his daughter will have to stand on her own. So he teaches her to learn to do things on her own. He makes her take risks which helps instill confidence in her spirit.

Take for example; a father trying to teach his daughter how to ride a bicycle for the first time. The fear of falling and hurting herself scares her and in all honestly scares him too. During motion she holds onto him for support. He then gives her the impression that she can do it on her own even when she still doubts herself. He supports her when cycling until she finally gains confidence in herself, then he finally let’s go. On some occasions he let’s go of her even when he knows she isn’t ready to take the risk yet. He forces that self-confidence within her to burst out. That is one of the best feeling a father experiences; watching his little girl ride a bicycle by herself for the first time.

What a beautiful experience a father shares with his little girl.

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