Reasons You Should Choose Family Over Everything

Family is the most important thing in the world. They are the reason we keep striving to be a better version of ourselves everyday. They make us realize the true meaning of love and how it plays a vital role in the evolution of our existence. The older you get, you realize that a lot of things you thought were important are all subject to change, but the only unchangeable thing that bounds us for eternity is family. Family gives us a reason to keep fighting for a better tomorrow. They give us a reason to keep surviving.

Take a look at five (5) reasons you should choose family over everything;

1. Your family will always have your back.

Most times, when you find yourself in a situation you need help getting out of, you realize that not everyone you reach out to feels obligated to help you. Some people only help when it is beneficial to them. But, when in need and you reach out to your family members, they feel a sense of responsibility towards you. They feel the need to do something even when they don’t owe you anything.

Take for example; a couple of months back, I ran into an old friend on my way back home. We had a friendly encounter and decided to have a little chat. He shared an intriguing story with me of how he got stranded in a foreign country years ago. He made arrangements with his friends to leave the country. As agreed, they left together. Upon arrival, they got robbed just immediately after leaving the airport and his friends managed to escape leaving him behind. The robbers stole everything he had with him and he was left with nothing else. He beckoned his friends to assist him but none came. He was left with no other choice but to call his family back home who sent him some money for sustenance until he broke through.

Most people are reluctant to assist when you are in need of their succor. They see you rather as a burden. Only your family will carry your burden with you.

2. Your family is interested in your happiness.

Love is the key to happiness. It is the foundation on which happiness grows. You can’t love someone and not be happy with them. We live in a world where people disguise their true intentions; claiming that they are interested in your happiness but in the real sense they don’t want to see you happy. A family that loves you will put aside all selfish interests and ensure that your happiness is their utmost priority. They get unhappy when you are not happy and would do anything to make you happy.

3. Your safety is your family’s concern.

People who truly love you will always want to make sure that you are safe at all times. They are more concerned about your safety and whereabouts. Most times, when you embark on a long distance journey and don’t arrive at your destination on time to let your family know that you arrived safely, you could easily tell how worried they got by the number of times they tried to reach you on phone. This act they normally display is a way of letting you know how important you are to them. Knowing that you are well and safe gives them peace of mind.

4. Your family is interested in your growth.

The joy of every family is seeing their loved ones grow into someone capable of handling responsibilities. No one wants to nurture a child forever without the intention of watching them grow. Try to imagine how it feels as a parent watching your little child grow from infancy to teenage age and then to an adult. The feeling is a feeling of achievement; a feeling that you succeeded as a parent. No one is more interested in your growth than your family.

5. They are always supportive.

Often times, when you introduce an idea to someone, you could easily tell if they would support you or not by the look on their face. Some people are not fully interested in supporting you and your plans. They could do the minimum to maintain the friendship, preventing it from going sideways. It takes trust for someone to go all heart with you, offering their full support. Trust issues don’t seem to be a problem with family because they would do anything to support you. They always make you feel secured giving you the impression that you can always count on them.

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6 years ago

So refreshing to read this. I thought I was the only weird one out there. I choose my baby, hubby every time. I'm also blessed to have my parents and siblings really close by.

Pretty Cynthia
7 years ago

Family over everything