Signs That He Will Soon Propose To You

I still remember the first time I met you. I could never forget the butterflies I felt the first time I looked into those big brown eyes of yours. With you all I see is stars and lights. Love is beautiful when you are with the one that’s designed for you. They give you all the reasons why it never worked out with anyone else. They illuminate your soul; bringing out the very best in you. It’s a blessing to spend the rest of your life with the one that sees right through you. You could easily tell when he is about to go down on his knees to propose to you.

Take a look at four (4) signs that he will soon propose to you;

1. He makes future plans with you in it.

When you truly love someone, you can’t bear to imagine a life without the person in it. You would do anything to always have the person by your side. The thought of spending a life together intrigues you. You start making future plans with them. The thought of raising a family and having children becomes topnotch. When a man starts making future plans with you in it, know that he plans to have you in his life forever. True love bounds us for eternity. We end up being with the one that’s originally designed for us.

2. He always takes you to his family.

Family is the most important thing in the world. It is the only thing that bounds us for eternity. A man that has plans of raising a family with you knows the importance of having a family because he was raised by one. He picks interest in you meeting his family, and always want to sends you on short errands to his family house so you could get acquainted with his people. He wants his family to love you. This attitude he displays is a way of letting you know that you are now part of his family.

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3. He works extra hours.

A man that truly loves you will want you to have a beautiful life. He wants you to have the finest things of life; an expensive wedding ring, a remarkable wedding ceremony, an amazing honeymoon etc. He knows that these things cost a lot. So, he puts in more effort, more extra hours to ensure that he fulfills his part getting you the kind of life you deserve. Don’t worry when he suddenly works a lot. This is a way of letting you know that he is making moves on you.

4. He suddenly gets too secretive.

A man that has plans to propose to you won’t give you a single clue that he is about to propose. He secretly plots his way to the day he explodes it in your face. They know it’s a onetime thing so they make sure they hit the jackpot. Surprises make relationships remarkable. They intend to make the rest of your life the best of your life. Don’t get startled when he suddenly gets too secretive. He is plotting the perfect life for you.

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Pretty Cynthia
6 years ago

Impressive!!! Keep it up

6 years ago

Great tips for propose. Really I'm impressed for your proposing tips. This is a great post! Thank you for this informative blog.