Things Rumors Destroy In Relationships

Rumor has it that you were seen leaving our neighbors house when I was away.

False accusations destroy relationships. It is information that can’t be trusted. Such allegation gives room for doubts in a relationship. It invites insecurity. Paying too much attention to outsiders contributes to the fall of the relationship. Trust should be the foundation on which you build a good relationship with your partner. Without trust the relationship is only an empty cargo, vulnerable to rumors, spies and backbiters. Build a great relationship immune to rumors and other opposing forces trying to bring it down.

Take a look at four (4) things rumors destroy in relationships;

1. Trust.

A relationship without trust is an empty cargo. Trust is very essential for a healthy relationship with your partner. It is the foundation on which reliable relationships are built. As time goes on, you should learn to trust your partner. Trust is earned when your actions are in sync with your words. Give your partner reasons to trust you by being trustworthy. It builds respect. When you partner truly trusts you, they won’t let rumors and false claims taint their trust in you. Without trust rumors will destroy the relationship.

2. Respect.

A relationship without respect for your partner is a vulnerable one. When you don’t respect your partner, you could easily believe what outsider tell you about what is going on in your home. Making outside opinions valid, instead of peacefully talking to your partner about it shows you lack respect for them. Laying false accusations on your partner makes them disrespect you. They get disappointed by the way you could easily be deluded. Respect is reciprocal. Respect your partner enough to believe in them. It builds their respect for you. It fortifies the relationship against unverified claims.

3. Love.

Love brings everything back to life; love is the essence of our existence. When you truly love your partner, you won’t let anything sabotage your relationship with them. You should be the shield against all fiery darts trying to penetrate the relationship. Love is pure and genuine. A relationship without love won’t last. Eventually rumors, spies, haters and backbiters will find a way to bring it down. People will always talk; when things are going great with you and also when things are rough. Be selective with what you choose to pay attention to.


4. Peace.

A relationship with lots of arguments and accusation is not a peaceful one. When there is no peace in a relationship it causes one to act irrational; especially in their thinking. A relationship with incessant fights and arguments is a toxic relationship. Understand that no relationship is perfect. Don’t condemn your partner without hearing their side of the story. Listen to understand them rather than judge and condemn. Don’t let outside opinions threaten the peace of your relationship.


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Pretty Cynthia
6 years ago

Rumors destroy relationships. This is why I will never believe what others say about my bf. Great article Simobel. I love all your posts. Keep it up.