Solid Reasons You Should Marry Your Best Friend

You are my lover and my best friend; you have always trusted and believed in me, and never gave me a reason to doubt your loyalty. Friendships help us discover who our real friends are. Your best friend will be with you during those trying times in your life. They will never let you go through hell alone. They are always there to check up on you to make sure everything is good with you. These qualities are hard to come by. It’s real and genuine. Most people look for someone who would love them unconditionally. Not only when it is beneficial to them. Your best friend is your lover and friend. Someone you would want to spend the rest of your life with.

Take a look at five (5) solid reasons you should marry your best friend;

1. Friendship.

Friendship is the first foundation. It is where it all begins. As friends you get to know each other better. It is advisable to build a friendship before marrying someone. It helps you get to understand them better. You get accustomed to their way of life; how they act and react to situations. You recognize their strengths and their weaknesses. As friends you don’t try to change the other forcefully or force your ideas on them. You respect their views and opinions. You listen to them only to provide succor.

2. Trust.

Trust is confidence in or reliance on some person or quality. It is very essential for growing healthy relationships. It is the foundation on which reliable relationships are built. As time goes by, you get to understand the value of a trustworthy friend. They are perfect with their imperfections. They don’t give you a reason to distrust them. It is impossible to build a firm foundation without trust. It is like a vehicle without fuel, you can stay inside all you want, but it won’t go anywhere. To someone who knows the value of trust, they would tell you trust is more valuable than love because you can’t love someone you don’t trust. You only love those you trust.

3. Loyalty.

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4. Respect.

Respect is earned. It is an attitude of admiration or high regard towards someone. We respect those with high moral standards. A true friend knows that respect is earned, so they give it first. They give the respect they want to receive. They radiate all the qualities deserving respect; true friendship, trust, loyalty etc. As friends, we learn to respect each other boundaries and privacy. We don’t try to stick our nose in places they don’t belong. Understand that everyone is entitled to some personal space to themselves; including us. Give the respect you want to receive. Spend the rest of your life with someone worthy of your respect.

5. Contentment.

Friendships help us discover who our real friends are. It helps us recognize that special one that’s meant for us. They bring nothing but joy and happiness into our life. They give us a feeling of calm satisfaction. Free from insecurities. Love is a journey not a destination. In the long run, when physical beauty fades away, contentment with your partner is what will keep the both of you always happy. The secret to happiness is contentment. A true friend will never try to change you. They are content with the way you are. They are the perfect one you would want to spend the rest of your life with.

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Pretty Cynthia
6 years ago

My bf is my best friend ❤