Things You Shouldn’t Do As a Parent

Every child is unique. It takes an attentive parent to discover the amazing potentials within each of their children. It is your responsibility as a parent to help uncover your children God’s given abilities. You should already know by now that no two children are the same. The special treatment you give to one of your children might not be the same way you give to the others. It is your duty as a parent to find out your child’s strengths. Find out what incentives works for your children. Don’t let other activities sway you away from your main responsibility as a parent.

Take a look at four (4) things you shouldn’t do as a parent;

1. Don’t guilt trip your children.

Every child makes mistake. You can’t have a perfect child that will never one day go against your instructions. Children are very sensitive. They process information deeply than we adults. When your child does something wrong, it is good to correct them in a calm and loving manner instead of throwing abusive words at them; trying to make them feel guilty. When you keep guilt tripping your children, it makes them lose the confidence they have in themselves. It makes them feel that all they know how to do is flop. Encourage your children even when they make a mistake. Inspire them to do better. For it will make them want to do better next time.

2. Don’t try to have a perfect child.

No one is perfect. Earlier we saw the benefit of encouraging and inspiring your children to do better. Knowing this, you should be content with the fact that everyone makes mistakes. And that one day they might still make a mistake even though you have taught and educated them to always do the right things. Don’t express your disappointment at them in your attempt to raise the perfect child. Don’t try to have a perfect child. Be patient with your children.

3. Never compare your children with each other.

Every child is uniquely gifted. Every child possesses outstanding potentials that distinguish them from the rest of their siblings. Never compare your children with the other. No two children are the same. It is your responsibility as a parent to help uncover your children God’s given abilities. Find out each of your child’s strengths and what incentives work for them. Be responsive to their emotional needs. Draw closer to your children so that you can fully understand why they think and feel the way they do.

4. Don’t have a favorite child.

It is wrong to have a favorite child as a parent. You shouldn’t have a particular child you love more than the rest of your children. When you draw closer to each and every of your children you will get to see the uniqueness in them all. Having a favorite child might invite hate and envy between the rests of your children. They begin to despise the fact that you choose one over the other. As a good parent it is necessary to express equal love to each and every of your children. Let them know that you love them equally. This will bring peace and agreement between themselves. Try not to have a favorite child.

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