Things My Partner Does That Makes Me Happy

You are the best thing that ever happened to me. I could never ask to share my world with anyone but you. You love me in ways no one ever did. You forgave my mistakes and shortcomings and gave me every reason to trust you with all my heart. Every relationship has hills and valleys; ups and downs. We all want to enjoy the love ride on the hilltop without the thoughts of ever crashing down. But sometimes reality happens and challenges arises, which tests the love you have for your partner. These are times that you get to see the true colors of your partner. You get to realize if your partner is the type that will always compromise with you and be content with all your seeming imperfections. Or walk away like they never cared.

Take a look at four (4) things my partner does that makes me happy;

1) Forgive easily: Forgiveness is the final form of love. When you are willing to look past your partner’s flaws and imperfections and still want them, it shows you truly love them. It shows you care less about who is right or wrong. All you care about is for peace to reign in the relationship. When you forgive your partner for their shortcomings, it makes them feel remorseful. They get a taste of a second chance to treat you better. The best apology is changed behavior. Be willing to compromise with your partner even when all hope seems lost; for it builds the respect they have for you. It is the key ingredient that ensures your relationship stands the test of time. Forgive easily.

2) Be content: Contentment is what you should aim with your partner after the elation has worn off. Like we said earlier, no relationship is perfect. Every relationship has hills and valleys. At some point, you need to be completely satisfied with what you signed up for. You can’t always expect the relationship to be a fairy tale. There will be fights, arguments, complicated situations and exchange of hurtful words. But this happens so you can better understand your partner. It enlightens you on the things your partner likes and dislikes; the things they can tolerate and the things they can’t. There will always be differences between you and your partner. The differences are what makes them unique and special. No one is entirely perfect. You need to look past all their flaws and imperfections and be content with everything that makes them special.

3) Be Sensitive: A sensitive partner knows what tickles your fancy and also what triggers your annoyance. They are sensitive to your feelings and emotions. They know when you are extremely happy and also when you are in great pain. A sensitive partner will always want to make you happy. They would rather put your feelings and emotions first before theirs. And try their best not to do anything that will make you upset. They can be a source of inspiration to you when you are in despair; by helping you get through the tough times. A sensitive partner is always there when you need them the most.

4) Be Consistent: Consistency is everything. It is the quality that ensures your relationship stands the test of time. No one will want to be in a relationship with an inconsistent partner who is one day here and another day elsewhere. Inconsistency not only makes your partner lose their trust in you but also makes them lose the respect they have for you. They will begin to see you like someone who doesn’t make good on promises. But when you always consistent with your partner, they will have every reason to trust you. It will make you more respectable. Always be consistent with your partner.

Thanks for reading.


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