Important Things Your Partner Want From You

Love is best appreciated when it is received the same way it was given. Everyone loves the feeling of being loved and cared for. No one will want to be in a relationship with someone that doesn’t take their feelings into consideration. Someone who truly loves you will always put your feelings first before theirs. They are sensitive to your feelings and emotions. They care less about their personal feelings and more about making you happy and comfortable. A sensitive partner knows exactly what you want even before you ask of it. They know the things that are most important to you, so they try their best to get you the kind of life you deserve.

Take a look at five (5) important things your partner want from you;

1. Consistency.

Consistency is everything. It is important in ensuring your relationship stands the test of time. Every relationship has peaks and valleys. There will be times when you experience extreme love and happiness with your partner. And there will also come a time when the love you have for your partner will be tested. When you truly love someone, you will stick by their side in any situation. Your willingness to keep moving forward with your partner despite opposing challenges shows how much you love and value them. It shows you can be relied on when things don’t go as planned. Always be consistent with your partner. It is the most important thing they want from you.

2. Contentment.

Like we said earlier, every relationship has peaks and valleys. Everyone wants to stay to enjoy the love ride, when things are going smooth and rosy, but only very few will stay when the ride gets rough and tough. A contented partner will look past all your flaws and seeming imperfection and be totally satisfied with all you have to offer. They understand that no one is entirely perfect. This knowledge helps them exercise patience with you whenever they feel like erupting. They know your true worth and how important you are to them, so they try not to jeopardize the relationship by letting their personal feelings get in the way. They know all what they have to lose if they lose you. Be content with your partner.

3. Loyalty.

Loyalty is rare. If you find a loyal partner, do all it takes to keep them in your life. Loyalty is vital in ensuring a healthy and long lasting relationship with your partner. It is the shield that blocks all opposing forces that tries to put an end to your relationship. When you know you have a loyal partner, you will pay less attention to outside talks and rumors about your relationship. You trust your partner will never do anything to hurt your feelings. Stay loyal to your partner, it will make them trust you.

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4. Compromise.

It is unhealthy to be in a relationship with a hardhearted person who is completely insensitive to your feelings and emotions. It will be difficult for such kind of person to forgive you when you make a mistake or do something wrong. They will rather judge you and scold you with harsh criticism than forgive your shortcomings. No one will want to be in a relationship with someone that doesn’t take their feelings into consideration. Understand that no relationship is perfect. It takes two people who really want to be together despite all odds. Be willing to compromise with your partner even when you don’t want to. It may be the only thing that will save your relationship from falling apart.

5. Support.

We all want someone who will support us 100% in everything we do. A supportive partner will never let you go through anything alone. They are always there to offer assistance that will be most beneficial to you. No one will want to be in a relationship with someone that doesn’t support them in anything they do. Being in a relationship with someone who is not supportive is toxic. They will always find a way to bring you down both emotionally and physically. It is important to be in a relationship with someone that supports your goals and visions. They will help you grow into the person you are destined to become. Be supportive.

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