Positive Attitudes to Keep Every Day

Your attitude is everything. You may be facing a challenging situation and still choose to be positive. You can’t always have a good day. But you can always face a bad day with a good attitude. The 10% of things that happen to you is nothing compared to your 90% reaction to it. You win by staying positive in situations that should have made you act in a negative way. You must learn to let go of things you can’t change or control, so you can be free to receive the best things yet to come. Good and nice things will happen to you when you have faith and stay positive.

Take a look at four (4) Positive attitudes to keep every day;

1) I am the best: Your life is a mirror reflecting all your thoughts and emotions. When you start thinking and acting positively, life will throw all its best offers your way. When you wake up in the morning, tell yourself you are the best in everything you do. This attitude impresses your subconscious with the right ideas. It replaces negative ideas with positive ones. This affects the way you address situations. Situations that would have completely bewildered you now seems like stepping stones to achieve greater heights. When you find yourself in challenging situations, don’t fold up. Face them with courage knowing you will triumph. Always remind yourself that you are the best.

2) I can do it: You can do anything you put your mind to do. It is in your moment of decision that your destiny is shaped. When you decide to do something, don’t procrastinate any further, go for it. The longer you wait you lose the will to pursue it. There is a lot to be achieved when you accomplish something you had planned out to do. You become free to be intuitive when you accomplish your planned out task. You find yourself more powerful to embark on other tasks. Wake up every day with the impression that you can do anything you put your mind to do and go straight for it. Knock down every task in your to-do list. You can do it.

3) I will test my limits: You will never know your true strength until it has been tested by adversity. Don’t get overwhelmed when situations force you out of your comfort zone. Learn to test your limits. Go beyond your boundaries. Never stop exploring. Always be willing to go the distance to find out how far you can possible go. You will never know your limits until you push yourself to them. Rise up every morning refusing to settle for less and average. Do things that you are so afraid to do. The aim of testing your limits is not to break you, but to strengthen you to achieve the impossible.

4) Today I will dominate: We were created to have dominion over all the earth. Power and authority has already been given to us to rule and control our world. Accepting this truth, you should start walking in dominion. Don’t let situations control you when you should be controlling them. Dominate everything in your world. You have the power to make effective changes. You have the power to accomplish anything you put your mind to achieve. When you get up every morning, tell yourself that you will dominate this day. Don’t settle for less. Rule your world.

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