Ways to Know When Someone Really Loves You

Love is the only thing that can make two people act like children. When you are in love with someone, you wouldn’t mind acting silly sometimes. You aren’t scared to let your guard down. You can easily tell when someone is in love with you by the way they treat you. They become completely honest with their feelings for you. They always feel the need to tell you about the things that goes on in their life. When someone really loves you, they always want to put you first. They are sensitive to your feelings and emotions. They wouldn’t intentionally do anything to make you unhappy.

Take a look at six (6) ways to know when someone really loves you;

1) They communicate well: Communication is the key to truly understand your partner. When there is no effective ground for communication in the relationship, both partners could easily drift apart. Someone who really loves you will always want to tell you about the things that goes on in their life. They see you as a trustworthy confidant they can always rely on. It builds the trust they have for you. No one needs a partner they can’t freely communicate with. Communication is vital for a healthy relationship with your partner.

2) They trust you: A relationship without trust is a toxic one. You can’t love someone you don’t trust. There will always be doubts and suspicions about your partner in the relationship. Someone who really loves you, completely trusts you. They trust that you can be relied on. They know how important you are to them and wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize the relationship. A relationship without trust is like a vehicle without gas. You can’t move forward without trust in the relationship. Always trust your partner. It lets them know you really love them.

3) They respect you: Respect is earned. If you want someone to respect you, you need to first show respect. You don’t forcefully demand to be respected. You show respect and if well received, it will be returned in the same manner. You can tell when someone really loves you by the way they treat you. They treat you with respect. They don’t try to be domineering because they know you are someone worthy of respect. They treat you the same way they would love to be treated.

4) They are consistent: Consistency is everything. It stabilizes the relationship. No one will intentionally want to be in a relationship with a partner who is one day here and the next day somewhere else. It shows you don’t really love your partner. An inconsistent partner can’t be relied on in times of need. They will disappear when you need them the most and come back with apologies and explanations. It is toxic to be in a relationship with an inconsistent partner. They will always make you feel insecure in the relationship. Someone who really loves you will always be consistent with you no matter the challenge you both may be facing in the relationship.

5) They are content: Aim for contentment with your partner. Someone who really loves you will always be content with all you have to offer to them. They are not moved by material things that could easily make them forget what they have in the relationship. They are quietly satisfied and happy with the way things are. Every relationship has its ups and downs. Someone who is prepared to stick with you through the ups and downs in the relationship shows they really love you. They will always be by your side in every situation.

6) They forgive easily: No one is entirely perfect. We all have our flaws and imperfections. There are times when you could do things that your partner doesn’t like. This doesn’t mean you love them any less. Someone who really loves you can always see right through you. They can see the good right through your seeming imperfections. They know we all make mistakes; so they are always willing to forgive your mistakes and shortcomings.

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