Reasons Not to Get a Divorce

The commitment you made at the altar to be together for better or worse ends when you get a divorce. You will finally lose the opportunity to build a great marriage with your partner. Every couple go through difficult times in their marriage. This often pushes them to get a divorce. Divorcing your partner is not the easy way out. It is much easier to repair your marriage and make it work again than getting a divorce. Getting a divorce will lead to the loss of your family, which will hurt your kids the most. With both parents separated, they are forced to live with either one of you. This could affect them emotionally. Stop thinking about getting a divorce. There are a lot of reasons not to get a divorce.

Take a look at five (5) reasons not to get a divorce;

1. Loss of family.

Marriage brings two families together. Getting a divorce will sever the bond between both families. It could make both families start avoiding each other. When you get a divorce, there will seize to be any cordial relationship between both families. You can prevent the breaking apart of both families by mending yours with your partner. Don’t even thinking of starting a second marriage because It’s much harder to build a second marriage than to repair a broken one. Act with wisdom and start healing your marriage. It might take a while, but you will be glad you didn’t get a divorce.

2. The damage to your kids.

Like we said earlier, with the both of you separated, your kids will be forced to live with either one of you. Left for them to decide, they will want both parents living together. Coming to terms with divorcing your partner, your partner could forcefully try to take all your kids to themselves. This could hurt your kids emotionally; knowing they won’t be living with both parents anymore. It could also affect their grades in school. They will be emotionally devastated and lose focus in school. Also having to answer ridicule questions from their peers in school why their parents won’t live together anymore.

3. Loss of friends.

Getting a divorce will also hurt those close to you. It will lead to the loss of some of your good friends. Most friends to your partner will choose not to associate with you anymore. And some others may even get instructed by your partner not to get too familiar with you. You will also lose the benefits that comes along being friends with them. Same thing applies to your partner; your friends may decide not to have any anything to do with them anymore.

4. Emotional devastation.

In as much as you think that living with your partner is difficult now, it is far more difficult when you get a divorce. Divorce could make you emotional devastated. It could lead to depression. You won’t be able to carry out things like you normally do when you are emotionally devastated. Also having to worry about the welfare of your kids. You can avoid this emotional breakdown by evaluating the condition of your marriage. Take a look at the current situation with as much objectivity as possible. Find out what areas in your marriage needs fixing; and take necessary actions to amend them with your partner.

5. You promised for better or worse.

You are committed to your partner for better or worse. There will certainly be times when the marriage gets all sweet and rosy. And other times really difficult and challenging. No matter the current state of your marriage, getting a divorce is never the best solution. You are committed to your partner for life. It is your responsibility to make the most of your marriage. Don’t be the one to break the vow you made to your partner to be together for better or worse. Honor the commitment you both made to always be there for each other.

I will always love you for better or worse

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