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Nobody is ever too busy to spend time with you. If they care, they will make out time to be with you. They won’t deprive you of the love and attention you seek because they completely feel the same way about you. Their actions and intentions are in harmony; which makes you feel secure in the relationship. It is unhealthy to be in a relationship with someone who always makes you feel insecure. Their words and actions can’t be trusted. They are not consistent with their feeling for you. They could be with you today and the next day be somewhere else. Such attitude is not required for a healthy relationship with your partner.

Take a look at seven (7) keys for a healthy relationship;

1. Be consistent.

Consistency is everything. It is the key to ensure a healthy and long lasting relationship with your partner. It is unhealthy to be in a relationship with an inconsistent partner. Love is a journey not a destination. There will always be hills and valleys in every relationship. There will be times when you both get drunk in love and other times when it tastes a little sour. A consistent partner will stick with you during both times. The love they have for you is strong enough to stand the test of time. It doesn’t matter what your intentions for them are, as long as your actions are the direct opposite, you are doing a bad job in the relationship. Be consistent.

2. Be patient.

Love is patient. Your patience is the most practical way to display your love. For a healthy relationship with your partner, it is essential you learn to exercise patience with them whenever they are slow in catching up. Get to understand that no one is entirely perfect. We all make mistakes and sometimes fall short of doing the right things. When you are always patient with your partner, it makes them trust you. It makes them believe that you neither judge or condemn them but willing to exercise a little patience while they learn to improve on themselves. This attitude will give them all the right reasons to see you as a reliable confidant. Be patient with your partner.

3. Be forgiving.

Like we said earlier, no one is entirely perfect. We all make mistakes. Don’t be too quick to condemn your partner whenever they wrong you or do something you don’t like. It is natural human tendency to make mistakes. To err is human and to forgive is divine.

Forgiveness is the best form of love; it is a thing of beauty when you forgive someone that wronged you. It creates room for healing and improvement. It is unhealthy to be with someone who always finds it hard to forgive you. This could make you always want to avoid them. At some point you will start getting scared to do things around them because you believe they will always scold you. Learn to exercise the power of forgiveness by being more forgiving. It is healthy to be with a forgiving partner, because they will make you want to do better than your previous mistakes.

4. Be trustworthy.

A relationship built on trust will stand against outside rumors and negative remarks about your partner. It will fortify the relationship against opposing forces that tries to bring it down. When you are trustworthy, your partner will go to any length to defend and uphold your name. They will come against anyone that tries to put a shame to your name. They careless about what others say about your partner. There will never come a time when your partner takes side with an outsider against you. They are always ready to fight for you because they trust you completely without a doubt. Trust is a vital key to ensure a healthy relationship with your partner. Without trust the relationship is doomed to fail.

5. Be respectful.

No one appreciates being disrespected. Respect is reciprocal. If you respect your partner, they will have no reason to disrespect you. Someone who knows your true worth will give you due respect. They won’t give you less than what you deserve. They know how valuable you are to them that’s why they always hold you in high regard. In order to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner, it is highly essential you learn to always respect them. Always respect your partner even though you may not always agree with their actions; in turn, they will earn your respect. Be respectful.

6. Be content.

Contentment is what you should always desire with your partner. A contented partner will never make you feel you don’t offer enough in the relationship. If you are truly satisfied with your partner, you won’t go around looking for all the things your partner doesn’t have in someone else. You will be completely satisfied with all they have to offer in the relationship. A contented partner will stay glued to you no matter the challenges you both face in the relationship. They don’t bother much about the things that goes on in the relationship as long as they get to face them with you. Come rain or shine they will always be there to live every moment with you.

7. Be grateful.

It is a blessing to have someone who is completely grateful that they have you in their life. They appreciate every effort you put in the relationship, and always do things to make you happy; like buying nice gifts for you on their way back from work. They do this just to let you know how much you mean to them. Gratitude turns what we have into enough. When you are grateful for your partner, they automatically become all that you will ever need in a relationship. They will fill all the missing spaces in your life. Gratitude is an important key required for a healthy and long lasting relationship with your partner. Always be grateful; there are so many reasons you should be a grateful person.

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3 years ago

I always say this exact thing. If someone loves or cares for you they will find time for you. No matter how busy their day may get. No excuses!