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No matter how emotionally distant your partner may seem to be, you can always get the love of your life back. There are so many reasons people fall out of love, but to get them back into your life, the attraction needs to be irresistible. There is something every man is secretly obsessed with, more than love, money, even more than sex. Once you are able to find out what that is and trigger it, it becomes more powerful than all 3 combined; In turn making you His Secret Obsession.

Take a look at four (4) ways to get back your love;

1. Communicate better.

Miscommunication is one of the major reasons people fall out of love. When your partner starts being emotionally distant all of a sudden, there could be something lacking in the relationship. When there is ineffective ground for communication in the relationship, your partner won’t feel comfortable talking to you about most of the things that goes on in their life. They will start keeping a lot of things to themselves. In order to get back your love, you need to improve your communication with them. Give them a reason to trust and confide in you with their deepest secrets without being too pushy. When they start seeing you as a trustworthy confidant, they will communicate more effectively with you.

2. Be honest.

Honesty is soul medicine. It helps heal the rift between you and your partner by improving your communication with them. Somewhere along the line either you or your partner stopped being completely honest with each other. Dishonesty makes it difficult for your partner to trust you. When you are completely honest with your partner, they will start trusting you again. Honesty is the highest form of respect and the foundation of trust. No one appreciates a liar and will do everything they can to stay far from their lies.

3. Respect is paramount.

Respect is earned. You don’t forcefully demand to be respected. If you are respectful, you will in turn be respected. Apparently what you don’t respect has no value to you. If you truly value your partner enough to want them back into your life, respect should be paramount. Someone who feels respected will always hold you in high regard. Regardless of how things turned out in the past, when you start showing your partner respect, they will feel valued. They will no longer feel the need to stay away from you. Always be respectful to your partner.

4. Forgive and forget.

Whatever happened in the past between you and your partner show remain in the past. It will serve no purpose bringing it up again. Forgiveness is the best and final form of love. When you forgive and forget all the hurts of the past, it shows you are ready to move forward unto new beginnings with your partner. No relationship is completely perfect. We all at some point fall short of doing the right things. This doesn’t make us any less human. To err is human and to forgive is divine. Don’t hold eternal grudges with your partner because of their seeming imperfections. Learn to forgive and forget their mistakes; for it will create opportunities to build and sustain a better relationship with them.

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