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You are experiencing everything you believe. Your life is a reflection of your thoughts. Everything you can think of in the universe exists; like thoughts, vibrations, including our desires. You have everything you need within you to manifest your dreams and desires. But sometimes we feel limited. It will please you to know that there are actually no limits within the realms of the mind. However, you can limit your abilities through wrong posture of your thought patterns. Guard your thoughts against negative influences or posturing. Negative thoughts prevent the manifestation of your desires.

You can manifest anything you desire through meditation. If you can see it within the realities of your mind, then you can achieve it. Faith is confidence in the invisible. It is the key that unlocks closed doors. It is hope on the substance of your inert desires. If you totally believe without a doubt that your dreams and desires are achievable, then you will have no less than your desires. Operating in this frequency brings about manifestation. This frequency occurs only in a calm state of mind through appropriate meditation. The right attitude to meditation helps to calm the mind to a deep level that invokes the wonder working train of faith.

Manifestation Magic is a specialty.

What is Manifestation Magic?

Manifestation Magic is a self-help program made by Alexander Wilson. The publication of the program has been hugely successful as so many have employed its methods to achieve beneficial results.

Manifestation Magic is a series of audio tracks that have brainwave entrainment frequencies. By listening to these tracks when you are about to sleep, your brain will be receptive to some hypnotic suggestions. It is preferred to be used when one has less internal and external interference. It is a brilliant concept.

Following are the content of the program of Manifestation Magic;

  1. Quick Start Manifestation Guide Book.
  2. Twilight Transformation Energy Orbiting Track.
  3. 7 “Energy Orbiting” Tracks to Enhance Chakra Wealth Energy.
  4. The “Push Play” Audio App.
  5. Bonus #1 – Chakra Power System.
  6. Bonus #2 – 360 Transformation System.
  7. 2 Surprise Bonuses – The Abundance Miracle System & 7 Sacred Signs.

Manifestation Magic is a complete system that is far more comprehensive than most books in this genre.

How Does Manifestation Magic work?

Before you fall asleep at night, click “Play”.  A great spark will be ignited within you. At night, the sound technology in the sputum part of the brain allows you to feel relaxed. At the same time, it explores the deepest levels of the subconscious, and dissolves any foreseeable blockade. With the removal of the possible obstruction in your subconscious, new positive beliefs springs forth. When you sleep, therefore, the program does everything you need to perfect your transformation. It increases your level of vibration and makes you an irresistible magnet that attracts everything you need.

Manifestation Magic

Alexander Wilson Manifestation Magic

He built the manifestation magic program by exploring the Powerful Secrets of Sound and the Vibration of Sound.

Do you know that sound is one of the most powerful tools used for healing in existence? The secret has been made known to people for thousands of years.

Long before the prevalence of modern science, spiritual healers used sound to induce a trance-like state in people. They used sound and complex rituals to trigger the healing process of their patients. Military leaders also used sound to inspire and get their troops motivated for battle.

Leaders and great minds of the past discovered that sound can be used for basically everything, from inspiring fear to bringing comfort and joy and even to healing grave diseases.

Sound is extremely powerful. But what is powerful is not merely the sound itself, but rather the vibration of the sound. The vibration interacts with us on a high level which creates emotional states in our body.

Now, I’m not talking about music. Sure, music also has a very strong effect on us humans. Sad songs induce in us some very sad and gloomy feelings. Conversely, a well composed song with happy notations influences positive feeling that consequently enlivens us.

But while this is important, I’m rather talking about rhythmic frequencies which operates at certain levels to interacts both with the water in our bodies and with our DNA.

You can use such rhythmic sounds to improve your health, boost your creativity, increase your focus and enhance your communication capabilities.

This may also be the most important thing you can do to aid your development as a person. If used properly, rhythmic sound can be effectively used to reorder your life pattern by altering the frequencies with which you operate, thereby making you a better person.

What to expect when you use “Manifestation Magic”

Manifestation Magic program works on three (3) different levels;

Firstly, the seven (7) solfeggio scales will enhance your mood. It will make you extremely happy. People who used the Manifestation Magic program before reported feeling like they have had their favorite dessert. It puts them in a joyful state, full of hope and passion.

Secondly, the brainwave entrainment nourishes your brain. You will begin to vibrate on frequencies in tune with your innermost desires. You will slowly manifest everything you desire in your life. The brainwave entrainment will make you have a good day, every day. You will begin to manifest miracles after miracles in everything you do.

Thirdly, the NLP commands changes who you are from the core of your existence. It helps you get rid of negative beliefs like “I’m not good enough” or “Who am I to succeed?”. It charges you to become more confident and powerful enough to pursue your desires.

How to use the entire Manifestation Magic program

It’s as simple as putting your headsets on and listening to the program. You don’t need to do anything else. There’s no workbook. There’s nothing to study. All you have to do is listen and let it happen.

I suggest you listen to it before you sleep. Don’t listen to it while you drive because they will be a lot of distractions. But you can listen to it at home or at your office. If you think your spouse will enjoy it too, then you can both listen to it together. “Manifestation Magic” is known to bring peace and happiness to couples, especially after a long period of fighting and argument.

How Manifestation Magic Will Help You

1. Actions that matter.

The biggest problem we had with self-help books was that all you had to do was think positively to see results. This optimistic approach to manifesting your desires sounds good, but rarely works.

Manifestation Magic requires you to listen to the audios. This is work. It’s not hard work, but it’s necessary work. It’s difficult to do this with books, because we are creatures of habit. So, by listening to the audios, we can dig deeply into the mind and fix the discord that are sabotaging our efforts. Manifestation Magic does this better than any book we have seen.

2. Builds a strong foundation.

The main reason why Manifestation Magic works and has positive testimonials is because its procedure is backed up by science. It changes your thought patterns.

3. Consistency.

When you listen to the tracks daily, Manifestation Magic will build positive habits and mindset without much effort on your part. This is not a random approach that you do anytime you feel like. Consistency leads to results.

4. Clearing out the trash.

No amount of positive thinking can work if you are still stuck in your old mindset. It’s like applying makeup on a rash to hide it.

You must treat the problem. Manifestation Magic has “Energy Orbiting” audio sessions to clear the blockade in your mind. By clearing the old obstacles, your path will be clear to manifest miracles without your attempts being impeded.

5. All-Encompassing System.

There are audios, a Quick Start guide and about 14 bonus audios that will help you with your wealth, love life, spirituality, etc. It’s so much more than a wealth attraction product and it have lived up to its promises.

6. Easy to use.

There is no denying the fact that it’s easier to listen to audios rather than force yourself to think and visualize positive images when life around you is in disorder. Manifestation Magic is a pragmatic program that understands that you need to make changes WITHIN before you can make effective changes in your life. The canvas must be wiped clean before you can create the life you want. The audios have gentle pulsating sounds.

7. Genuine Testimonials.

The official sales page has a lot of positive reviews from customers who have tried the product and seen positive changes in their life. That’s a social proof that the audio tracks deliver on its promise.

8. Instant access.

Manifestation Magic is a digital product. You will get instant access to it and can start changing your mindset immediately. No shipping costs or delays.

9. 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

This point alone shows faith and reliability in the product. You have enough time to test out the product and make changes in your life.

If it doesn’t work, you can always get your money back. I guess you won’t because Manifestation Magic will add magic in your life. Still, it’s a risk-free purchase.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee!

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  1. Manifestation Magic is a simple and easy to use program.
  2. It works at the deepest level of our subconscious.
  3. This Manifestation Magic product has a 60-day money back guarantee.
  4. Currently 80% discount.
  1. Manifestation Magic is Available only on the Internet.
  2. Audio tracks may not be suitable for everyone.


  1. Chakra power system.
  2. 360 transformation system.
  3. Instant Sleep Magic.
Manifestation Magic Bonuses

Should You Buy It?

Most definitely! The product delivers what it promises. You are backed by a 60-day money back guarantee and you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

It closes the gap between visualization and results. The audios will speed up your results if you are already practicing daily visualization. It’s the missing piece of the puzzle you require.

There must be action done on your part if you wish to see positive results. Listening to the audios is the action that you must take to change your life fast and manifest your desires.

Everything you need; wealth, love, good health etc. are all within your reach. It will take some effort. You will need to consistently listen to the audios. But now you finally have a blueprint to success.

You are not taking blindfolded shots. You now have a tool to fix the discord within you. Once you change your “inside”, your outside will change miraculously. And you will NEVER look back.

Manifestation Magic gets two thumbs up from me.

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Manifestation Magic Review
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