Ways To Build Incentives For Progress

Some of the best ideas you will ever get will come from your intuition (inner guidance). Learning to listen to your intuition is often a gradual process that becomes effectual with time. It’s a very still and quiet voice and it requires silence and concentration to hear it properly. Often times, you find out that listening to your inner guidance don’t always lead you astray. The key is paying attention to its voice before you take an action. It helps you perceive the true nature of the situation and how to deal with it. When you get use to listening to your intuition, it helps build incentives for progress; promoting growth.

Take a look below at five (5) ways to build incentives for progress;

1. Follow your intuition.

Often times, when we encounter challenges that need to be dissolved, we find out that we already know the solution to the problem without being told by someone else. It’s an immediate cognition without the use of conscious rational process. It gives you a perceptive insight of the situation. Some may call it conscience. We sometimes miss the inner guidance because it’s a very still and quiet voice, and fail to acknowledge it because of the noise in our head that wants us to take immediate action when faced with pressing situations. We can start by learning to listen to our intuition when it speaks by practicing equanimity. Silence, concentration and composure help discern the quiet voice of our intuition when it speaks from the blabbing voice our mind incessantly produces. Learn to follow your inner guidance. You already know the truth.

2. Show no sign of fear.

Fear is an unpleasant feeling caused by the presence or anticipation of danger. Most times, when faced with challenging situations, people tend to break down in fear. When you get a good idea from your intuition, fear prevents you from going ahead with the plan. It tells you of all the reasons your plan won’t work neglecting the only reason it will succeed. Fear sabotages success. It leaves you in a hopeless situation where you can’t do yourself much good.

The only limitations you have are the ones you created for yourself. Fear is only a thought you created for yourself and thoughts can easily be replaced. There shouldn’t be anything in this life that you are afraid of. If you think there is, then you have got some work to do in overcoming it. You can’t progress when still living in fear, for it will sap the living force out of you. Show no sign of fear if you have the intention to succeed in any endeavor.

3. No surprises.

Life is full of surprises. Everyday has its own influence in us as a human being. We can’t see the future so we don’t know what tomorrow has in store for us. But, we best prepare ourselves to face life challenges as it arises. Don’t get caught up unawares. When we get prepared today, to face life challenges tomorrow, we will discover that certain things that arises don’t seem new to us anymore. We will find out that it is much easier to encounter life’s challenges when prepared. When you groom yourself to a point where nothing surprises you anymore, you begin to attract more favorable opportunities. Preparation meets opportunity.

4. No hesitation.

Hesitation is caused by uncertainty. When an opportunity arises, don’t seat around waiting for all the right clues to present themselves in order to be 100% certain you are about to make the right decision. Indecisiveness is an enemy of progression. When opportunity arises and you need to make a decision, weigh the odds and just get on with it. If you hold back much longer, the opportunity will pass you by. If you spend too much time overthinking, you will never make a move. In order to progress, take that bold step and jump right at it. Whatever the outcome maybe, it will always be better than taking no action.

5. No doubt.

Doubt kills faith. Once you have gotten the right idea from your intuition and have made up your mind to go along with the plan, give no room for doubt. Believe in yourself and be certain that you have made the right decision. Don’t nag over it. Set your mind on going through the process to achieve the desired result. Challenges will always arise. But don’t let challenges sway you from achieving your goal. Let them be your stepping stones to attain your height. Let it build incentives for progress.


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