5 Signs of Someone with High Vibration

There are several beliefs about what high vibration means and how it can be measured or detected. Some people believe that high vibration refers to a state of being in which a person is aligned with their highest self and is able to connect with their inner wisdom and higher purpose. Others believe that high vibration refers to a person’s frequency or energy level, which can be influenced by their thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Here are five (5) signs of someone with high vibration;

1. A sense of inner peace and happiness.

Someone with high vibration may feel a sense of inner peace and happiness, even in difficult situations. They know the cost of their inner peace and happiness is great, so they don’t let any situation rob them of that. They don’t let challenges get the best of them regardless of the situation they find themselves.

2. A sense of connection to others.

Someone with high vibration may feel a sense of connection to others and a desire to help and serve others. They are usually very compassionate and always want to find a way to help out or make things easier for others. When they sense that you are going through a difficult situation, they will support you with words of encouragement and do their best to share your burden.

3. A sense of purpose.

Someone with high vibration have a clear sense of purpose and direction. They have a clear-cut vision about what they should do with their lives without a doubt. High vibration individuals know exactly what they want and won’t stop until they achieve them. They don’t waste their time and energy doing something that they are not passionate about.

4. Increased intuition.

Someone with high vibration have a strong sense of intuition and are able to tap into their inner wisdom; they are mostly led by their inner guidance. They usually trust the energy they get about a situation or person, because they know energy doesn’t lie. They can somehow sense when trouble is coming and can see signs that something is about to manifest.

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5. Increased energy and vitality.

People with high vibration usually have increased energy and vitality, and they always feel physically and emotionally healthy; they are so full of life and energy. They don’t easily get discouraged or intimidated by challenges. They have a sound mind that always sees them through any difficult situation they find themselves.


Everything in the universe is energy. We all vibrate at different frequencies. The things you think about and the way it makes you feel activates a vibration within you. You will attract whatever vibration matches yours.

As you think about the things you want in reality, you will attract them into your life. You will have the things that are on the same frequency with you. You can raise your vibration to a higher frequency and begin to attract positivity and good energy.

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1 year ago

People with high vibration can easily sense the energy shift in a room. They are highly intuitive.