5 Signs Your Manifestation Is Close

Faith being the substance of things hoped for, is an essential ingredient for manifestation. Without faith, the things you desire won’t be manifested. Sometimes, it is hard to have faith when going through a situation that seems like all hope is lost.

The moment you start thinking that you will never get through a difficult situation is usually when the universe sends a sign. You can manifest anything you desire with faith that everything will work out in your favor. You are close to manifesting your desires than you think so watch out for the signs.

Here are five (5) signs your manifestation is close;

1. You witness signs and synchronicities.

When you are close to manifesting your desires, you will begin to witness signs and synchronicities. These signs could present themselves in the form of repeated numbers, rainbows, white feathers and things that you connect with your spirit guide or deity.

At a point I began to see the numbers 11:11 everywhere I went. It really drove me crazy because I saw the numbers every single day. I could randomly check my phone and see that the time is 11:11am or 11:11pm, or wake up mysteriously from sleep only to check the time and find the numbers 11:11 staring at me.

For some people, they could hear about something that they are trying to manifest in the radio, television, newspaper. These are signs that your manifestation is close. This is usually a personal experience that only you can witness.

Whenever you witness these signs and synchronicities, reflect on the moment and have faith that you are manifesting your desires.

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2. You feel high energy.

A very clear sign that you are close to manifesting your desires, is that you begin you feel really excited about life. You no longer see life as a burden to you but rather you start seeing life as a blessing. Every morning when you wake up, you feel excited that it is going to be a great day and it usually is. You begin to realize that everything is actually working out for you.

When you start feeling high energy about everything, the worst thing you can do to yourself is to start believing that it is all about to come crashing down. Some people believe that when things starts working out for them in a miraculous way, is usually an indication that something bad is about to happen. In thinking this way, they unknowingly sabotage themselves and their happiness will be short-lived just as they feared.

When you start feeling this much energy, don’t think that it is too good to be true; instead try to live in the moment for as long as you can. As long as you keep feeling high energy, your resistance will be built to an extent that you automatically stop all self-sabotaging schemes.

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3. The test of faith.

The test of faith is an important sign to know that your manifestation is close. Before your desire gets manifested, your faith will be put to test to make sure that you know exactly what you want.

Take for instance, you desire a loving soulmate to be manifested in your life, with an idea of the kind of partner you want, don’t be surprised when you start meeting people with creepy personalities and attitudes that you are not compatible with. This is usually a test to make sure that you don’t want any creeps but someone with a loving soul.

Whenever you desire something and it doesn’t go the way you plan, see it as a test of faith. When manifesting your desires, always remember that you are being upgraded to a higher level. In order to get to a new level, life tests you before upgrading you.

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4. You no longer cling to the past.

It is difficult to manifest the things you desire when you still cling to the past. Clinging to the past is an indication that your best days are in the past. The past is dead and gone and there is really no need to look back when you have so much to look forward to.

A clear sign that your manifestation is close is when you no longer cling to the past. It doesn’t interest you anymore to look back at you past. You are rather more interested in living in the present with high hopes of what the future has in store for you.

Your best days are ahead of you; they haven’t even happened yet. This is the mindset of someone close to manifesting their desires. With high hopes and excitement of the future, you will manifest everything that is meant for you.

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5. You clear space for new energy.

When your energy is upgraded to a higher frequency, anything that doesn’t match your new vibration will fall off or fade away. You will begin to notice a change in friends, jobs, projects, basically anything that exhausts your energy.

Likes attract likes and only similar energy will be attracted to you. Anyone or anything that isn’t in alignment with your new vibration will fall off to clear space for new energy to come in.

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So when you start noticing people who you were once close to suddenly becoming so distant or you no longer feel comfortable around certain people you were once friendly with, don’t feel worried or sad, just realize that anything that doesn’t match your vibration will be cleared out for positive vibrations that matches yours.


These signs that your manifestation is close are usually very clear and hard to miss. For me seeing the numbers 11:11 is a way the universe speaks to me to let me know that everything is going according to divine plan.

What are some signs you witnessed in the past that let you know that your manifestation is close? Do you often see repeated numbers like 11:11, 1:11, 222, 444, 888 or something else? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment below.

If you found these signs to be quite helpful and want to discover more resourceful ways to manifest your heart desires, you might be interested in Manifestation Magic.

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2 years ago

Wow!!! This is another beautiful piece you put together. I enjoy how you make words come alive. You are truly a gifted writer Simobel. I usually experience déjà vu that it drove me nuts, some thought I was an evil witch haha 😂 I guess that’s a sign of manifestation, yes? 😁

Lily Joseph
Lily Joseph
2 years ago

We meet a lot of people everyday who don’t have high self-esteem, this article will help them grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally, all thanks to Simobel Blog 🔥🔥🥰🥰

2 years ago

Very excellent information. I had to ponder on some of the points. Very eye opening. Thanks for sharing.