The Power of Love

If you want to be loved, love somebody. Love your neighbor as you love yourself, for this is the ultimate law. The man without love doesn’t know God, for God is love. We were created with love in God’s image and likeness. The love of God is shed abroad in our heart that it causes us to prosper in all that we do. If we must move forward and make progress in life, we must learn to love one another.

Love brings about growth, success and prosperity; on the other hand, love is powerful enough to bring disunity. There is no unity in the absence of love. Love breaks the yoke; it breaks barriers. If you keep encountering stumbling blocks that keeps you from making progress in life, then it is a sign to transform those stumbling blocks into stepping stones with love.

Are you devoid of love? Some experiences we encounter in life teaches us that nothing flourishes without love. For one to sour high without limits and hindrances, the love of God must be seen in their lives. How can one claim to know God if they can’t love others just as they love themselves?

Love Brings About Transformation.

Love can bring about total transformation. It can heal a broken home and bring all the family members back together. It doesn’t matter how far gone they have drifted, or how deep the hatred for each other must have dug deep, love can restore the broken pieces and put them all back together.

Love rejuvenates and restores. Is there any condition that you are currently facing that seems out of your control? Love can transform that seeming dead situation into something meaningful. It is powerful enough to bring about total and complete transformation.

Love Heals the Sick.

There is no sickness or disease that love can’t completely heal. What health challenges are you facing that you were told is incurable? Do you believe that love can completely heal you of that sickness or disease? There is no sickness or disease that is impossible for love (God) to heal. The main question you should ask yourself is, do I have the love of God in my heart? Once love begins to dwell richly in your heart, sicknesses and diseases will have to leave.

Love Brings Unity.

The heart of man is desperately wicked. The wickedness and hatred in one’s heart can bring about disunity and total destruction, but love brings unity and complete restoration. Love can bring estranged people back together. Wherever there is disunity in any situation, know that love is apparently lacking in that situation. Do not underestimate the power of love; for united we stand in love, divided we fall out of love.

Love brings Peace of Mind.

Love comes with the kind of peace that surpasses our understanding. Where there is love, there is peace. Without love, you will keep running around in circles, restless and without peace of mind. Haven’t you noticed that when you are not in good terms with your neighbor, it’s almost as if there is weigh on your shoulders? You will find yourself intentionally avoiding them, and not feeling comfortable interacting with them when they are around; but when you resolve your differences with your neighbor, and learn to love them regardless of their misdemeanors, you will begin to experience a certain kind of peace that goes beyond your understanding that you haven’t experience before.


Let love lead. Let the love of God dwell richly in your heart leaving no room for hatred, malice or wickedness. Learn to love your neighbor as you love yourself, for there is no law greater than this. If you can love people the way you love yourself, you won’t wish anything bad to happen to them.

Thanks for reading.

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