5 Ways to Restore Your Relationship

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If you let your ego get bigger than your love for your partner, the relationship will crumble. Never let your ego stand between you and your partner. Always apologize first, no matter who is wrong or right in the relationship....

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5 Words of Advice for Married Couples

By Simobel Blog / April 25, 2020 / 2 Comments
Your feelings for your partner may come and go, but loving them unconditionally is your choice. You shouldn’t stop loving your partner because you no longer feel the way you felt at the start of the relationship. Loving your partner...
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5 Ways to Make Your Relationship Last Forever

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Nothing lasts forever; but true love does. True love is able to stand the test of time in spite of challenges. Every relationship has its good times and bad times. True love not only perseveres when things are going great...

5 Words of Advice for Married Couples

5 Words of Advice for Married Couples
Your feelings for your partner may come and go, but loving them unconditionally is your choice. You shouldn’t stop loving your partner because you no longer feel the way you felt at the start of the relationship. Loving your partner unconditionally in spite of their seeming imperfections is a choice you make and shouldn’t have to renege on your promise. Everyday do something that will bring you closer to your partner. Discover new ways to love your partner by being intentional with your feelings. Everyday show small acts of kindness. No matter the challenges you both face in the marriage, do not let yourself fall out of love. You are both in this for a lifetime. Show them that you are in this for better or worse.
Take a look at five (5) words of advice for married couples;
1) Communicate often: Communication is how you began your relationship with your partner and it is how you sustain your marriage. Without effective communication there will be a lot of misunderstanding in your marriage. There are a lot of unresolved issues in marriages today because of poor communication. You can’t truly understand your partner without communicating freely with them. Poor communication makes the marriage look one sided; almost strangers. Get to know your partner better. Ask about the things that goes on at work; call often to check up on them to make sure that they are alright. Always make yourself available whenever they want to talk. When you communicate often with your partner, they will seem less distant and more close to you than ever before.
2) Assume the best: Don’t assume the worst when things aren’t working out as planned in your marriage. Always remember that there are ups and downs in every marriage. When something is defective, you find a way to repair it rather than throw it away. Most times, marriages end when both partners give up on each other. When your marriage is fragile and liable to break, keep assuming the best. Accept the fact that they are the best for you and no one else. Don’t give up. See their worth despite their seeming imperfections. When you always assume the best, the best happens. By some miracle, things start working out for both of you. You start appreciating them for all they are and all they do in the marriage.
3) Make decisions together: Marriage is not 50/50, it’s 100/100. Being the head of the family doesn’t mean you are superior over your partner. It is important that you make decisions on things like finances, kid’s education and upbringing, delegation of chores with your partner. You got married because you loved and trusted your partner. Trust your partner enough to make decisions together. Plan and strategize your lives together. Don’t make critical decisions regarding the family alone. Carry your partner along. When you learn to make decisions together, you strengthen the bond between you and your partner.
4) Apologize when wrong: No one is entirely perfect. We all make mistakes and sometimes do the wrong things. Whenever you make a mistake, it is your responsibility to own your mistake. Apologize when you are wrong or at fault. Don’t ever let your pride get in the way or it will cost you your marriage. Always admit your mistake otherwise your partner will have a hard time tolerating you. Expressing sincere regret and taking responsibility for your wrongs will make you appear remorseful to your partner. This will make them easily forgive and forget whatever wrong you did so that you can both move forward.
5) Forgive always: The first to apologize is the bravest; the first to forgive is the strongest; and the first to forget is the happiest. Someone who truly loves you will be quick to forgive whenever you make a mistake or do something wrong. They won’t condemn you for your actions, rather they will support and encourage you to improve. As humans, we are prone to make mistakes. This proves that we are not perfect. We all have our flaws and imperfections. It is only just that you forgive your partner when they are remorseful, and forget whatever wrong they have committed so that you can both live a happy life together.
Thanks for reading.


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Kate O Show

Great post, Communication in marriage is paramount. These are all interesting. Marriage is such an important institution but many care less about it and no matter how you want it to work if your partner is not contributing to the success of the marriage it could leads to frustration. I am presently working on a book on marriage where I will be sharing my marriage journey and the success of marriage. Choose to keep the title private for now. Thanks.

Simobel Blog

Thanks Kate, I absolutely agree with you. Thanks for sharing some more insights. Indeed, for marriages to work out, it requires the contribution of both partners. I'm excited about your marriage project and would be glad to see it come to fruition. Stay blessed.