Hot Reasons Why You Should Marry A Calabar Lady

It is a beautiful thing to find the one your heart desires. It’s also beautiful to note she has the qualities that would make you say “She is my last bus stop”. While exploring the beautiful cultures of Nigeria and what makes each culture significantly unique, I will love to share with you five (5) hot reasons why you should consider a Calabar girl as your last bus stop.

1. Calabar ladies are very good cooks.

Calabar ladies are very good at preparing scrumptious meals. Cooking comes easily for a Calabar lady like habits. Men because of their physique crave for well cooked food as eating out is becoming more and more expensive by the day. So, for an average man, getting home at night and getting a good home made meal to eat eases the tension of his day’s work and puts him in a relaxed mood. Thus, a man that gets good food whenever he needs it would rather get married to a woman who provides it for him. This makes a Calabar lady a smart choice when looking for a wife material in a woman.

2. Calabar ladies are clean by nature.

No man will want to come home to an untidy house. This can really put him off. So taking in a wife that knows how to take good care of the house is very important. That is where a Calabar lady comes in since an average Calabar woman is usually neat and hardworking.

She hates dirt; hence getting married to a woman who can’t stand the sight of dirt is a guarantee that your house would be clean all day. When one visit some homes where the woman of the house does not have the flair for clean environments, one would need to cover one’s nose with one hand while resorting to sign language as means of communication because of the stench. This quality of a Calabar lady makes her a good and clean choice for a wife.

Let’s put aside a smelling home. What about a woman who does not know how to arrange things properly in the home? This is a great put off for an average man, especially when he comes back home after a long day of work. Though, it is also very good to help one’s wife with home chores but what about a woman that does not how to do home chores? This could really frustrate an average man. This gives a Calabar lady some advantage over ladies from other tribes.

3. Calabar ladies are very obedient.

No man wants to put up with a nagging wife. Some women would want to prove their ‘superiority’ to men at the slightest opportunity they have because of their privileged background or financial status. This could put most men off.

An average Calabar lady is very obedient and totally supportive. It’s true that women by their nature talks a lot but a Calabar lady as much as possible would try not to get in the way of their husband, without challenging his authority unnecessarily. She is ready to put her resources with her man to make their new home work. This quality puts Calabar ladies ahead of their peers from other different tribes.

4. Calabar ladies are beautiful and eye appealing.

An average Calabar lady has the looks that will make a man stop and ask for directions. They are naturally beautiful and appealing. Men are moved by what they see and stop at what moves them. Calabar ladies have been known to radiate in all forms of beauty as they maintain themselves by eating good and organic fresh food that brings out their natural beauty.

5. Bed Prowess.

I know many people would have expected this point to be mentioned first but as it is said in local parlance that “the best is reserved for the last”. Many people hold this view that Calabar women are goddess in the bed. This particular view is so popular among men of different tribes that at sighting a Calabar lady most guys would start talking in low tones. For many homes, the issue of not getting quality sex could be among one of the reasons we find a lot of broken homes. Truth being told no man wants to have a broken home even in his dream.

Aside from their other qualities, Calabar ladies are unarguably great in bed. They know how well to keep their man at home aside from cooking good foods. No man wants to marry a woman that is like a ‘log of wood’ on the bed. This very quality makes the Calabar lady a perfect choice for any man that wants to enjoy good sex life.

Thanks for reading.


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7 years ago

They are indeed eye appealing 🙂