The Gift Of The Present

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What might have been is always an abstraction; an event that never took place. An endless possibility only in the world of speculation, of what might have been and what has. They both point to one end, which is always present. Every move we make always leads to this very moment. Right here right now. Somehow we always seem to find our self at this very moment.

The possibilities of what might have been are like footsteps that echoes in the memory, down the passage we did not take, towards the door we never got to open; an enigma that can never be understood by us humans. Dwelling on such wishful thoughts always leads to regret. Wishing it happened the way we planned.

Sometimes when things go wrong, we find ourselves spending too much time dwelling on past mistakes and on chances we didn’t or couldn’t take. We try to relive past experiences. This in turn puts us on hold of every good thing life got to offer. Life is a balance of holding on and letting go. We only experience the gift of the present, when we learn to balance life’s scale.

Every decision you have made so far, has led to this very moment. This is the moment of creation; where you get to choose how you want to act. How you choose to act is what makes the difference.


What should have been, will forever remain a mystery to us. It will make no difference if we knew all the past facts.

Take for example; Mrs. Megan, a relation to one of my good friends, shared an intriguing story with me. An unfortunate story about how she lost the love of her life to a tragic car accident. A day before her husband died, they both had an argument which eventually led to the exchange of hurtful words. Upon annoyance, she mistakenly wished him dead. Unfortunately, the following day he lost his life to a terrible car accident. When she heard the news she was overwhelmed with tears. She found it so hard to forgive herself for what she thought she did. She always found herself reliving that moment. Now she dwells in thoughts like; “if I hadn’t wished him dead, he would still be alive”. An endless possibility only in the world of speculation, of what might have been and what has; alternate reality. What might have been, will forever remain a mystery to her.

The past cannot be changed, forgotten, edited or erased; it can only be accepted. The law of non-resistance states that whenever you resist a situation, you are giving more power to it, therefore making the problem more difficult to solve. Accept the past for what it has been and look forward to a much better future by living in the present.

The gift of the present is experienced only when we show true appreciation to life as it unfolds. Do not give energy to a distorted imagination. Whenever you give energy to a distorted imagination, it impresses the subconscious with negative ideas; the genesis of bad decision making.

Appreciate little things people take for granted. Learn to live a life of gratitude for being here and now. The present is your gift. Appreciate it!!

Thanks for reading.

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Simobel Blog
6 years ago

Thank you

6 years ago

I love it

Simobel Blog
6 years ago

I'm glad it sends the message 🙂

Pretty Cynthia
6 years ago

I love the idea of holding on does more damage than letting go

6 years ago

This is amazing