Everyone Is A Golden Link In The Chain Of Your Good

We are all connected. Everyone that comes into your life comes with a role to play. Some play good roles, some play bad roles. It is all in the script, with you as the main focus. Everyone you meet is a golden link in the chain of your good. Whether they are for you or against you, it does not make any difference. It is all part of the same divine plan to promote you. Therefore be happy about them irrespective of who they are and how they treat you.

Everyone who comes into your life is either a blessing or a lesson.

Appreciate everyone in your life and acknowledge the roles they play. Train yourself to observe all things and be less judgmental when expressing your feelings towards the people that mistreat you. Everyone has a lesson to teach you; from a new born baby to a dying man.

Maintaining equanimity when your whole world seems to upset you is the real measure of your character. Life will test your ability to adapt before advancing you. If some set of people didn’t come into your life to give you hard knocks, you will not have been able to appreciate the knowledge you got from such experience. Experiential knowledge is one of the best forms of knowledge.

Attitude is everything.

Watch your attitude towards events and circumstances that concerns you. Be more concerned about your attitude than whom or what triggered it. Be observant and take note of your reactions when faced with distasteful situations.

I spoke with a good friend some weeks back. We talked about a quite number of things. What got my full attention was when he said; experiencing rough times with the people that were sent to break me didn’t in any way promote me. At that time he was facing unpleasant circumstances so it was easy for him to say that. Most times, what looks like a setback is actually a blessing in disguise; if we choose to learn the lesson it thought. The fact that things didn’t go the way we planned doesn’t in any way negate the fact that it happened. The main question you should be asking yourself is; what lesson did I learn from such an experience? And, how can such knowledge be of help to me in future?

We are all uniquely gifted. Our potentials won’t be fully tapped if we don’t go through circumstances that helps bring them out. We should be thankful for the hard knocks we experience, for they instill sternness that influences our personality and maturity.

Learn to radiate kindness towards everyone you come in contact with; the ones playing both good and bad roles. Remember it is all in the script with you as the main focus, so it is your role to observe all things and make effective changes. Every situation you have experienced so far, took place to help improve your consciousness about life. Everyone is a golden link in the chain of your good!!

Thanks for reading.

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7 years ago

Thanks all. I appreciate all your comments

7 years ago

Abel you are getting great at this. Cool

Simobel Blog
7 years ago

Thank you

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You are a good writer. Keep it up