Ways To Discern Blessings In Disguise

Often times, when we get disappointed by someone in regards to something we pleasingly desire, we feel so bad that we neglect the lesson it taught. Desperation compromises discernment and expectation hurts. Everything teaches us a lesson when we pay attention. How we choose to see life determines what the outcome will be. Most times, what seems like a setback is usually a blessing in disguise when we look on the bright side.

Take a look at five (5) ways to discern blessings in disguise;

1. Pay attention.

This is the first step to discern blessings in disguise. When we focus only on disappointment and rejection, our lives gradually drift towards negative outcomes. Disappointments prevent us from discerning the true nature of a situation. Most times, we discover that rejection is not always denial but temporary delay on that which we seek. It is interesting to note that a much better outcome awaits us in the nearest future. Sometimes, it is hard to find silver lining in a difficult situation. But, when we choose to look on the bright side of an unpleasant situation, the solution begins to materialize. You now see reasons why you were being turned down; not because you weren’t worthy of the price but because you deserve much better.

Take for example; Mr. Johnson, a family man with a wife and five (5) children. He has no job and no lively source of income so he struggles very hard to make ends meet in order to take good care of his family. Every day he heads out in search for job opportunities. He got turned down by every company and place of work he went to in search for employment. For months his family suffered due to his predicament. He always felt he wasn’t good enough and that life was punishing him. Few months later he decided to stop seeing life as the enemy but rather as a friendly sparring partner. One faithful day he ran into an old friend. They were both happy to see each other. They stayed for a little chat. After hearing of his predicament, his friend spoke of an available managerial position in a reputable company seeking capable hands. He was so amazed on hearing the news. The following day he went to secure the job.

This narration shows that delay is not always denial but rather a blessing in disguise. Life will push you away from mediocrity when it knows you deserve much more.

2. Show appreciation.

This is one of the best ways to discern blessings in disguise; through appreciation. The greatest source of happiness is the ability to be grateful at all times. Most times, it is difficult to show appreciation to life when in a gloomy situation. Most people find it hard to appreciate life when things don’t go as planned. Difficult situation causes people to see life as punishment instead as a blessing. This attitude attracts negativity leading to negative outcomes. When you learn to show appreciation to life despite unpleasant situations, it causes things to change for the better thereby leading to positive outcomes. When you are grateful at all times, it gives you peace and happiness which puts you in a position to be able to discern blessings in disguise. Always be grateful.

3. Maintain equanimity.

This is the state of being calm, stable and composed, especially under stress. Your level of self-control has a major impact on what you will accomplish in every area of your endeavor. Most times, we find out that people tend to break and lose control when under pressure. The challenges of life push one to a tight spot which makes things increasingly difficult to control. Trying to stay composed when your whole world seems to upset you is the true test of strength. Maintain equanimity despite teething odds. It causes the noise around you to settle down thereby making way for a clearer vision. This enables you to discern and exploit situations.

4. Stand firm in faith.

Most times, people find it hard to stand firm in faith when faced with distasteful situations. They are so quick to renege on the promise they made to themselves to keep pushing forward.  Nothing good ever comes easy. Life will test your faith during the most crucial point in your life. Its aim is not to break you completely but to test your willingness to persevere. Often times, when faced with challenging situations we find out that faith is the only price we have to pay to get what we want. It is the determining factor to get the desired outcome.  It takes faith to get what you want. When you keep your faith regardless of your present situation, it fixes your mind on the price and not on the problem. This act enables you find your silver lining. Keep the faith.

5. Stay positive.

Positivity is the key to discern blessings in disguise. It’s amazing how things change for the better when you choose to look on the bright side of an unpleasant situation. Look for something positive in each day even if some days you have to look a little harder. Don’t settle for less when you know you deserve the best of life. Know that man is as he thinks. It is the thought of the heart that is the mental expression from the subconscious that makes the personal man what he is. Fill your heart and mind with positivity and watch how your life will become a blessing not only to you but also to others in your world.


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