Steps In Building Loyalty In Your Relationship

True loyalty stands the test of time. It is the foundation on which reliable relationships are built. The loyalty you have for your partner shows how much you love and respect them. There are times when your loyalty for them will be tested. Those times pushes one to the edge, but not over the cliff. They are meant to refine the relationship; purifying the relationship of insecurities. Making them value the love they both share together. Loyalty is very vital for the growth of your relationship with your partner. Without it, the relationship will crumble.

Take a look at four (4) steps in building loyalty in your relationship;

1. Consistency.

Your attitude is everything. The consistent attitude you display towards your partner builds loyalty in them. They trust that you will always maintain the desired behavior. Experiencing a pattern of consistent and desired behaviors and attitudes builds their reliance on you. Most times, it’s not about the events you take your partner to that builds loyalty in them; nor the amount of effort you put into the relationship. It is the accumulation of all those little things you do. The unwavering consistent behavior you display towards you partner builds loyalty in them.

2. Confidence.

The consistent behavior you display towards your partner builds their confidence in you. They trust you won’t disappoint them at any point in time. As confidence is built, so is their loyalty for you. This diminishes any fear or insecurity they might have. This gives them the confidence to stand by your side anytime you need them because they know you will always be there for them. They see you as a trustworthy partner who they owe their complete loyalty to.

3. Empower.

As you build confidence in your partner, it empowers them to take certain actions on your behalf; when present or not. They believe you will sanction it. When you are at a point in your relationship that you allow you partner call the shots, it means that you completely trust them without a doubt. This is a level of relationship where you can say “we are one”. Giving your partner complete control over major decisions inspires them to remain loyal to you.

4. Inspire.

At this point, your partner sees you as an inspiration. They are inspired by the level of trust you have for them. This makes them more trustworthy. They know you trust and believe in every action they make on your behalf. It inspires them to do much more. Loyalty built on a solid trustworthy foundation of consistency and confidence is strong enough to stand against any obstacle or adversity in the relationship. At this point, they have gotten rid of all their fears and insecurities that come up with time. They completely trust and believe in you.

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