Ways to Fortify Your Relationship

No relationship is perfect. It takes two people who really want to be together despite their imperfections, to make the relationship work. There will always be times when your partner does things you don’t feel comfortable with. And being human, you react. It is appropriate to let them know you don’t like the way you were treated or the things that was said to you. Let out your feelings so that next time, you won’t be taken for granted. Airing out your feelings and emotions keeps your partner informed that you respect your feelings and so should they. If they truly love you they would respect your feelings and treat you better. Always open up to your partner. For it frees you from insecurities; fortifying your relationship.

Take a look at five (5) ways to fortify your relationship;

1. Be honest.

Honesty is the best policy. It is better to tell you partner the painful truth than comfort them with a soothing lie. Your partner will always respect you when you are always honest with them. It makes you trustworthy; giving them the impression that you can always be relied on.  Always be honest with your partner. This will make them open up to you about other things that are important to them; like what happens at work and other activities they engage in. Always being honest with your partner strengthens the bond you share with them. It fortifies the relationship.

2. Be respectful.

Always treat your partner with respect. Treat them the same way you would love to be treated. At some point in the relationship, we fall short of doing the things we normally do to our partner; like taking them on special dates; buying them fancy gifts etc. Don’t neglect doing the thing you normally do to them because you already have them in your life. Don’t stop honoring them with nice gifts and taking them on special occasions. It shows you respect and always want to make them happy. It builds the respect they have for you. Respect is earned. When you have earned your partners respect, they will give due respect.

3. Be consistent.

Consistency is vital for the growth of your relationship with your partner. It is the key ingredient that ensures your relationship stands the test of time. When you are always consistent with your partner, it builds their confidence in you. It makes them always rely on your consistent behavior without the thought of you ever disappointing them. No one will want to settle down with an inconsistent partner, who can’t be relied on. Consistency fortifies your relationship with your partner. It builds trust, loyalty and respect which is vital to ensure your relationship stands the test of time.

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4. Be patient.

Like we said earlier, no relationship is perfect. Every relationship has its ups and downs. Understanding this truth, be patient with your partner during those trying times. There will always be times when your partner does things you don’t feel comfortable with. It is good to let them know how you feel in regard to their behavior. But most importantly, be patient with them while hoping they change for the better. Be patient with your partner during challenging times. For those challenging times helps strengthen your relationship with your partner. Encourage your partner to do better instead of tearing down what’s left of the relationship.

5. Learn to compromise.

Your willingness to resolve an argument with your partner after exchanging hurtful words shows how much you value your relationship. It shows you care less about who is wrong or right. All you want is for peace to reign in the relationship. Most times, couples find it hard to resolve the differences between themselves after exchanging hurtful words that seems hard to take back. At this point all that can save the relationship is the willingness to compromise with the other. Be willing to forgive your partner despite their wrongs. Understand that no relationship is perfect. Compromise with your partner so that there can be room for both of you to heal.

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6 years ago

Great ways to fortify your relationship. Keep it up 👍🏼

Pretty Cynthia
6 years ago

Wow cool. Great tips for relationships.