Reasons She Will Agree To Marry You

Consistency is everything. It is the key to a successful relationship. No woman will want to settle down with an inconsistent partner. The consistent behavior you show to your woman gives her security in the relationship. It makes her believe that you are not the kind of man that will one day suddenly disappear when she needs you the most. Marriage is a lifetime commitment. Once you’re in, there is no turning back. Before a woman will agree to marry you, she will carefully check these qualities listed below to make sure she is making the right choice of a life partner.

Take a look at five (5) reasons she will agree to marry you;

1. Husband material.

Before a woman agrees to marry you, she must have already done her research on you. She will check to see if you are husband material ready for marriage. A husband material kind of man is one who understands the true meaning of having a family. He is one who always puts his family first. He cares about the future you share with him and would do anything to protect his family. When a woman realizes this quality in a man, she feels secure knowing that she will always be protected and cared for.

2. Fatherhood.

Children are blessings. They bring nothing but love and happiness into the family. Every woman knows this truth. They know how important it is having children. Before a woman will agree to marry you, she will check to see how you behave around little children; if you are fond of little children. She will bring up various discussions about how much she loves children. Every woman wants to settle down with not only a good husband but also a great father; someone capable of handling the roles and responsibilities of a father. A father their children will look up to as a role model.

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3. Emotionally stable.

Men are the head of the family. They are the ones in charge when making major decisions in the family. Every woman knows how important safety and security means to her. So they go for men who are emotionally stable when handling the affairs of the family. They won’t settle down with a man who is not in charge of his emotions; someone who is always led by his feelings and emotions. They know having such a husband will lead to the downfall of the marriage.

4. Ability to forgive.

Forgiveness is the final form of love. No matter the wrong done, if you truly love someone, you should be willing to forgive the person. Forgiveness changes everything. It gives you a fresh start to do better. No one is perfect. We all make mistakes.  At some point, we all fall short of doing the right things. This is because we are human. No woman will want to settle down with a hardhearted man who will never compromise with her. Before a woman agrees to settle down with a man, she will carefully observe how quick he is to forgive when she does something wrong.

5. Contentment.

After making all her assessments on you, she will ask herself if this is the kind of life she would be satisfied with. The goal is to have a happy family. They know that a happy family is a successful family. The success of the family is tied down to their happiness. In order not to make the biggest mistake of a lifetime, most women go for men that they are totally satisfied with. They don’t depend on materialistic things to make them happy because they know that is not where true happiness lies. They are content with the life you have to offer them.

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Pretty Cynthia
6 years ago

OMG this is so cool. This is a great tip for guys who want to tie the knot with their girls. I believe no one wants to be unhappy in their marriage. Great article. Keep it up.