Reasons She Will Love You Forever

Women glow differently when they are loved right and treated properly. They break their insecurities when you make them believe that you will always be by their side in every situation. Love is not what you say. Love is what you do. When you are committed to someone, you put their happiness first. You show up when they need you most in their life. This attitude impresses them with the idea that you value them more than anything. It makes them more secure knowing that you can always be counted on. This makes them love you forever.

Take a look at seven (7) reasons she will love you forever;

1) Build a friendship: Build a friendship before marring someone. I will candid suggest you marry your best friend. A true friend understands the meaning of friendship. They value everything that makes you unique and respect your flaws and imperfections. They don’t judge or condemn you when you make a mistake or do something wrong; instead they encourage you to do better. A true friend will always cover for you whether you are there or not there. Friendship helps us see the true colors of everyone. It helps us get to understand people better. True friends last forever. Build a friendship with your partner and they will love you forever.

2) Communicate better: Communication is very important in ensuring a healthy and long lasting relationship with your partner. When there is no effective ground for communication in a relationship, both partners slowly drift apart. You can’t be heard if you are not communicating. When you feel a way about your partner, it is important you let them know instead of keeping it all to yourself or rather assuming they already know. Communication strengthens your relationship. It makes you more aware of the things your partner likes and dislikes; and more conscious of the things you once took for granted. Improve on your communication with your partner and they will love and treat you better.

3) Be patient: Love is patient. When you truly love someone, you will be patient with them when they are slow in catching up. You will learn to exercise patience while they learn; just like a parent raising a child. You will learn to forgive their mistakes and shortcomings while they learn to improve on themselves. When you learn to be patient with your partner, it makes them trust you. With time they will be convinced that you are here to stay for real. Learn to exercise patience with your partner. Get to understand that no one is perfect. We all make mistakes and fall short of doing the right things. When you are always patient with your partner, they will learn to love you.

4) Stay loyal: Loyalty is rare. If you find it, keep it. A loyal partner is prepared to stay with you through thick and thin in the relationship. They will never do anything that will make you doubt their loyalty. They will always stay true to you no matter how hard things get. Even when their feelings are taken for granted, they will tell you when you are wrong and urge you to improve on yourself. They make you strive to improve on yourself. Never push a loyal person to the point where they no longer care about you. Stay loyal to your partner. It will make them trust you.

5) Be honest: Honesty is key to a healthy and successful relationship with your partner. No one likes it when they are being lied to. It shows they take you for granted. When someone constantly lies to you, it clearly implies that they don’t have respect for your feelings and emotions. When you always tell your partner the truth without fear of what they think about you, it shows you trust them without a doubt. This kind of attitude impresses them with the idea that you can always be trusted. This helps improve your communication with your partner. It makes them more open and honest with you about things they wouldn’t normally want to talk about. Be honest with your partner.

6) Be content: Contentment is what you should always aim for with your partner. Understand that no relationship is perfect. Every relationship has its ups and downs. There will be times when you both feel so much in love with each other. And other times, when challenges arise and the love you have for your partner is put to test. When you are content with your partner, you will be totally satisfied with all they have to offer. You will enjoy the love ride when it’s all sweet and rosy. And be content with them when things are not going as planned. Be content with your partner. It will make them believe that you will always be by their side in every situation.

7) Always forgive: Like we said earlier, no relationship is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes fall short of doing the right things. This is what makes us human. When you get to understand that we all make mistakes, you will find a place in your heart to forgive your partner when they make a mistake or do something wrong. You will be willing to look past all their flaws and seeming imperfections and completely forgive them. When you do this, it will make them more remorseful. It will make them want to do better next time. Learn to forgive and encourage your partner. It will make them love you forever.

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