The Power of Manifestation

The things you seek await you. Your dreams are close to manifesting now more than ever. You don’t need to doubt the feelings you get. Doubts hinder manifestation.

If you believe that you will get what you seek, you need to start acting as though you have gotten it. It’s all an act. You have to strongly impress your mind that you got this, and act like it’s yours, only then will it get to you.

See it first from within. Nothing happens by chance, so you better stay in control. Don’t live your life by chance, but by choice.

Be bold and intentional with your requests and they will surely be granted to you.

Now the question is, are you bold enough to ask for what you want and patience enough to receive it?

Here are effective ways to manifest your desires;

1. Control your mind.

If you can control your mind, you can control your life. Whatever dominates your mind controls your life, never forget that.

Don’t let negative thoughts dominate your mind for it will hinder manifestation. Negativity will lower your vibration to the point you won’t believe in yourself anymore.

Always be positive and focus on the things you can control. Your mind is like a magnet that attracts whatever you think about so fill your mind with positive thoughts.

As positive thoughts fill your mind, your vibration will be raised to a high frequency to be able to cause manifestation.

2. Be patient.

In anything you do, you need to have patience. Patience is the key to manifestation. There are no barriers between you and what you desire. If you have this mindset, you wouldn’t mind being patient.

Patience is true expression of manifestation. As you remain patient in the process holding onto your beliefs, you will begin to attract the things you need. You don’t need to lose faith by being impatient.

Be patient, it’s only a matter of time. The universe knows exactly what you need; your soul mate, dream profession, dream house, acquaintances etc.

Everything you need is already waiting for you, so exercise a little patience as you wait for their manifestation.

3. Always be grateful.

It’s easy to feel frustrated when things don’t go the way you plan. When manifesting your desires, learn to always be grateful. A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles. If you can’t express gratitude for the little things that life gives to you, don’t expect the big things to come to you.

There is no manifestation without gratitude. The things you desire won’t be manifested to you until you learn to be grateful. Don’t feel sad when life gives, you less than what you deserve. What is truly yours will always get to you so be grateful for the little blessings in disguise for they mean that your manifestation is close.

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4. Learn to forgive.

Learn to forgive

Nothing will hinder your manifestation more that your inability to forgive. In the case of forgiveness, it doesn’t really matter who is wrong or right. As long as your heart is hardened towards the people that did you wrong, you will find it impossible to manifest your desires.

Most times, people think it’s the offender that life punishes when an offense is committed, but in reality the offended also suffers from the deeds of the offender, and their inability to forgive them and move on with their lives only makes things a lot worse for them.

If you wish for your dreams and desires to manifest in reality, you must be prepared to forgive whoever has wronged you in any way, whether knowingly or unknowingly. Also forgive yourself for your holding on to the pain for so long without letting go.

As you forgive and let go, your vibration will be raised to a high frequency which will bring about the manifestation of your desires.

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2 years ago

I can’t wait for my dreams to manifest in reality. Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece ♥️