3 Things That Hinders Your Manifestation

You have the power to declare and manifest anything you want into existence; but, if you lack faith, the manifestation of your desires will be hindered.

Faith being the substance of your desires is an essential ingredient for manifestation. Without faith, it is impossible to manifest your desires.

Imagine you had everything you desired in life, what would your mindset be? How would you think, feel and talk about yourself? Would you dress and walk differently? If you had a million dollar, would you still have the same broke mindset? Would you still do the things you used to do when you had nothing or would you act like a millionaire?

Here are there (3) things that hinders your manifestation;

1. Unbelief.

It is time to overcome every unbelief that is hindering the manifestation of your desires. No matter how hard you try to bring about the manifestation of your desires, they will keep eluding you because of your unbelief.

The great paralysis of our heart is unbelief. Unbelief will destroy the best of us; but faith will save the worst of us. Talk unbelief, and you will have unbelief; but talk faith, and you will have faith. Faith doesn’t always come naturally, but as you take those little steps of faith, you will gradually begin to see that your faith is growing.

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2. Careless talk.

Words are more powerful than you can ever imagine. Whatever you voice out, are the very things you will attract. Sometimes people talk carelessly without thinking. The fact that you talked carelessly but didn’t seriously mean what you said, did not in any way negate the effectiveness of the spoken words, neither will it release you from being held accountable for them.

The power to shape your destiny is in your mouth. Words are like seeds; when spoken, they take root and germinate. They can produce either positive or negative fruits. Positive Words will produce positive fruits. Conversely, negative words produce negative fruits. You will get in return whatever you speak into action.

Speak forth your dreams with faith that they will manifest in reality. You can make effective changes in whatever area of your life you desire. The power to cause effective changes is in your mouth, so don’t talk carelessly.

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3. Fear.

God didn’t give us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. Fear doesn’t exist anywhere except in the mind. Your fears are what is hindering your manifestation. Everything you want is on the other side of fear. If you keep living in fear, you won’t be able to stand firm in faith and you will avoid speaking up for the things you believe in. You will never be able to live the life of your dreams because of fear.

The fears you don’t face become your limits. It is only when you are no longer afraid that you can truly begin to live the life of your dreams. Overcome your fears and nothing will be able to hinder you from manifesting greatness.

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1 year ago

Great write-up!! I pray that whatever hinders the manifestation of my dreams be broken now 🙏🏼