Ways To Stir Up Your Passion For Your Partner

For a relationship to turn out successful, you have to be willing to dedicate your life to your partner’s happiness. You have to really care, to still be in love. You have to want your partner to be happy, successful, fulfilled and complete. You have to have a passion for your life together. Have someone who can flow with you in everything; someone who will balance you out; build you spiritually, stimulate you mentally and satisfy you physically.

Take a look at six (6) ways to stir up your passion for your partner;

1. Think like a lover.

When you begin a new relationship with someone that interests you, there is a burning desire to be with the person. Your thoughts are geared towards the person. You desire their company and always want to be around them. This is how someone in love thinks. But as time goes by, you get used to all those things you normally do with your partner. On some days you might feel bored of the relationship. Every relationship goes through peaks and troughs. And, on some days you might want to call it off. The best way to reignite your passion for your partner is by going back to basics; back to what got you in love. Back to thinking like a lover.

2. Talk like a lover.

Attraction is stirred up when you say the right things to your partner. Aside from wanting your partner right beside you, the next best thing is saying all those beautiful thoughts you have about them; the tease, the sweet talks and compliments. When you are in love, it is easy to say nice things about your partner. You enjoy complimenting them because it makes them happy. In as much as we all love the rosy part of being in love, we also have to be fully prepared for the down side. When attraction gradually fades, do not forget the sweet talks and compliments you normally say to them. Remember all those sweet things you normally say to your partner. Remember to talk like a lover.

3. Act like a lover.

Our actions tell our true intentions. When someone is in love you could easily tell by the way they behave. You could easily discern their true intention by the way they act towards you. When in a relationship, our actions play a big role in maintaining the relationship. Aside from all the sweet talks and compliments you normally say to your partner, your loving and generous act is what keeps them in love. They fall in love with the right attitude; the way you act towards them. Stir up your passion for your partner by acting like a lover. Action speaks louder than words.

4. Plan like a lover.

Planning is everything. We get what we plan for. When you begin a new relationship with someone you love, you intend to spend the rest of your life together. You both plan for a future together. You plan for the kind of wedding you both would like to have, the kind of apartment you both would like to live in, the kind of children you both would love to raise etc. You plan for good things with your partner. This ignites the passion you have for them. No one plans to fail in a relationship. But, be best prepared to plan like a lover when things go sideways.

5. React like a lover.

The way we react when in love shows how much in love we really are. When we are in love with our partner, we react in a loving way. A way that pleases our partner, which makes them want to do better in the relationship. Our reaction solidifies the passion we have for them. It makes love enjoyable; not seeming only in one way direction. We react like a lover by showing gratitude to our partner for the way we are being treated. No matter the ups and downs relationships could get sometimes, our reaction shows how much we value our partner. When we react like someone truly in love, it stirs up the passion we have for our partner. This act helps stand the test of time.

6. Desire like a lover.

When we truly want someone in our life, we possess a burning desire to be with the person regardless of whatever gets in the way. We direct our focus and effort to getting the person. When eventually we do, we plan to hold on to the person forever and never let go. Often times, we find out that the value of someone before we get them in usually very high compared to when we have gotten them. So, we forget to keep doing those things we normally did before we got them. This makes the relationship turn cold due to lack of inconsistency. In order to reignite the passion you have for your partner to need to desire like a lover.

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Pretty Cynthia
7 years ago

I love this