5 Things Successful People Say

Success is a mindset. Almost every successful person starts off with the belief that the future can be better than the present, and they have the will to make it happen. If you believe that you can achieve the seemingly impossible, you are already half way to attaining success. Nothing is impossible for someone who is willing to succeed.

Your approach towards life determines how life treats you. If you find yourself in a situation that seems out of your control and you are pressured to speak negatively about the situation, you need to understand that by reacting in a negative manner, you make things a lot worse for yourself.

Life always responds to the things you say regardless of the nature of your situation. Do not be pressured to respond in a negative manner when life chooses to be unfair to you. The things you say will take effect in the universe whether you meant to say it or not.

Take a look at five (5) things successful people say;

1. I can.

Your “I can” is far more important than your intelligence quotient. Anything is possible if you believe. It doesn’t matter how intelligent you are, if you believe you can’t accomplish something, all the forces in the universe will prevent you from achieving it.

Successful people always avoid using the word “I can’t”. They know that in order for them to achieve success in any of their endeavors, negative self-talks should have no place in their mind. No matter how challenging your current situation may seem, don’t be cowed into believing that you can’t accomplish whatever you set your mind to achieve.

Learn to adopt a success mindset. Refrain from using negative words and your life will move in the positive direction. If you always believe that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to do, you will succeed in everything.

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2. I will make time.

Time is our most valuable asset. Every successful person knows that time is their most treasured asset. Time wasted doing the wrong things, is something you can never get back; but time invested in the right things will surely produce great results in the future. This is the mindset of every successful person. Successful people knows how important meetings, seminars and conferences are, so they always make out time to attend.

Successful people are fond of using the phrase “I will make time” rather than “I am not interested”. No matter how tight their schedule is, they always show up for a meeting. Make time for self-investment. Always make time to do the right things for there is a reward hanging around the corner.

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3. I am tired but I will eventually do it.

Successful people know when there are simply tired of doing something. They know when to rest when tired instead of giving up on something. Learn to rest when tired rather than giving up. Whenever you feel tired, learn to take as much time you need to rest; but when you are done resting, make sure you get back to work.

Your body can get tired, but as long as your spirit is willing, you will surely attain success. To be successful, you need to adopt completion mindset. There is power in completion. As you complete any task that you have invested some time in, you will feel more powerful than ever before. Always complete whatever task you are working on or tasks you have abandoned for some time due to lack of interest. This will help organize and prepare your mind to complete the next task ahead.

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4. Life is not fair but I will take it in my stride.

Life can be unfair and difficult sometimes. As life gets tougher, only the strong continues in their journey. They do not wither and mourn about their predicament but rather they take life in their stride. Irrespective of the situation you find yourself in life, learn to deal with life in a calm and accepting way. Do not fret about your condition but be bold enough and take the bull by the horn.

Yes, it is true that life is not fair, but you shouldn’t have to adopt the victim’s mentality and give up at the first struggle. Don’t try to avoid the struggle because that is where your character is built. You will never find a strong and successful person with an easy past. If you ever have the opportunity to learn about the previous lives of some successful people, you will find out that it hadn’t been all smooth and rosy for them until they eventually broke through. Learn to take life in your stride.

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5. Everything is my responsibility.

Your life will change completely the moment you take responsibility for everything that happens in your life. Take complete responsibility for your experiences, choices and decisions for they form your actions and also influences the reactions of people around you.

Successful people always say and act like everything is their responsibility. In accepting responsibility for everything in your life, you gain the power to change anything in your life.

Learn to take responsibility for your action instead of putting the blame on someone else. Successful people don’t run away from responsibilities but rather they embrace it. Take responsibility for everything.

Thanks for reading.

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2 years ago

Amazing!! I truly believe that you can accomplish anything you fix your mind on. Success is a mindset that we must learn to adopt. I completely agree with all your points Simobel. Your blogs educates and entertains. Keep it up!!

2 years ago

Short and sweet and on point as usual. I think no.4 is so real for me, I think I say this almost every day. However I tough it up and get things done. Good article.