How to Manifest Your Dreams

As you see clearly what you really want and the route it will take you to achieve your dreams, the easier it becomes to manifest your dreams.

You can’t receive what you didn’t ask for. It is obvious you don’t want it, which is why you didn’t ask for it. The question you should ask yourself is “what do I really what and how can I achieve it?” rather than “why am I not manifesting my dreams?”

Some people don’t really know what they want and for that reason they fail to manifest the things they supposedly want.

Follow these six (6) effective methods to help you discover what you really want and the direction you need to take to manifest your dreams;

1. Be clear about what you really want.

Clarity is power. The clearer you are about what you really want, the more likely it will be manifested in reality.

As you become very clear on what you want, you will begin to see opportunities and solutions everywhere you go. These are signs your manifestation is close.

Be clear about the things you really want and hold that vision. Sooner than later, your dreams will manifest in reality.

Take for instance; you dream of owning a car with hopes it gets manifested in reality soon. You are not very clear about the make and model of the car you want so it won’t manifest in reality or may take a longer time to manifest until you clearly decide the type of car you want.

This is how the universe works to manifest your dreams and desires. Ask and you shall receive; but make sure you are asking the right questions.

2. Make a plan and work towards it.

In order to succeed in manifesting your dreams, you need to start thinking and talking like a success. One thing you should know about true success is that it does not happen overnight. It takes careful preparation and planning to be a success.

Someone is regarded to be a success when their dreams have been manifested. You can say that someone is successful because he achieves his dreams and desires. But that’s only what the successful person wants you to see. You don’t see the big picture, where he had to spend long hours planning and working for his dreams to come true.

Make a plan and work towards it. Manifestation does not happen by mere chance. You have to be deserving of your dreams before it manifests in reality.

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3. Practice gratitude.

Gratitude is one of the easiest ways to manifest your dreams. A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles. You can manifest everything that rightly belongs to you by simply being grateful for everything you already have. It is really not about what you have in life that matters but how grateful you are for all that have been given to you. That is the trick!

Take for instance; while shopping at a mall, you remember a friend of yours and you decide to buy him a Christmas gift, but instead of him being grateful that you got him a gift, he complains about the size of the gift and why you couldn’t get him something bigger. My question for you is, will you get him something next time when shopping? Even though he come across your mind next time, will you get him another gift knowing that he is an ingrate? I’m guessing you wouldn’t.

This is how manifestation works. When you are not grateful for what have been given to you no matter how little, the big things you dream about won’t get manifested in reality. Practice always being grateful regardless of the size of the things you receive. This is how you receive more from the universe.

4. Overcome negative self-talks and limiting beliefs.

The things you believe and say to yourself regularly will either build you up or break you down. They can cause the manifestation of your dreams or hinder your dreams from manifesting in reality. Avoid believing and saying anything you don’t want to manifest in reality. Always be mindful of your self-talks for it is a silent conversation with the universe.

Any thought that does not align with your dreams will hinder its manifestation. Negative self-talks and limiting beliefs sabotages the manifestation of your dreams. Anytime you are about to voice out something negative, always take a couple of seconds to think about it. If it contradicts who you are and what you desire, keep quiet.

Discard all negative thoughts and replace them with positive and empowering thoughts that will bring about the manifestation of your dreams.

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5. Trust the process.

It is easy for one to get discouraged when things don’t go the way they plan. Some people still believe that manifestation is esoteric after they had so many failed attempts to manifest their dreams. Nothing is impossible if you believe. Learn to trust the process as it unfolds.

For example; someone who aspires to become a famous boxer needs to understand that by choosing this profession, they must be willing to take a few blows from their opponents before their dreams of becoming a renowned boxer manifests. They won’t want to skip any training because they trust that the process will make them a great boxer.

No matter the situation you find yourself, don’t assume the worst of the situation. Always hope for the best. Trust that everything will work out in your favor. As you adopt this mindset and live by it, you will discover that you are already living your dream.

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6. Act like your dreams are manifesting.

Your attitude is everything. As you begin to act like your dreams are manifesting, you will begin to see signs everywhere you go. Your attitude is what makes your dreams manifest quickly. Don’t wait for the perfect moment for opportunities to present themselves for they will probably never come. Start living your dream.

Someone who dreams of becoming a professional footballer must have already gotten his jersey and football boots ready. He must have already started practicing football with small teams in small pitches. He won’t just sit idly waiting for the perfect opportunity to present itself instead he kits up and put himself out there.

This should be your mentality. Don’t wait for the stars to align before you can start living your dreams. Start acting like your dreams are manifesting and watch out for signs that your manifestation is close.

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In order to manifest your dreams, you first need to be clear about what you really want then make a plan and work towards it. Remember to always be grateful even when you don’t get what you want. Overcome all negative self-talks and limiting beliefs that will hinder the manifestation of your dreams. Trust the process of becoming the best version of yourself while acting like your dreams are manifesting.

If you carefully follow these steps on how to manifest your dreams, you will be transformed with a renewed mind. If you found this article to very useful and want to discover more resourceful ways to manifest your dreams and desires, you might be interested in Manifestation Magic.

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Interesting!!! These are mind blowing facts. Keep up the good work Simobel and I pray you receive more inspiration to write more engaging articles like this one ☺️